Ankara Metro Network Expands

Ankara Metro Network Expands
Ankara Metro Network Expands

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality at its ordinary meeting in April; 2021 activity reports of ABB, ASKİ and EGO General Directorate were discussed. Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who made a presentation at the meeting and explained the summary of his 3-year term in numbers, said, “You can build concrete blocks, asphalt, freak toy statues, doors, cats, dinosaurs, with money, but peace and trust; by increasing the precedents, zoning changes, not with money; can be achieved with right, law and justice.

At the April council meeting chaired by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş; 2021 activity reports of ABB, ASKİ and EGO General Directorate were discussed.

Making important statements about his vision for the future, especially the projects completed during his 3-year tenure, Yavaş said to the Capital City and the members of the Assembly, “The mayor should not be a superior and privileged person, but both the mother and father of the city. The mayor is not the owner of the municipality, he is an officer of the municipality.


Stating that they have adopted a transparent, fair, social, participatory and accountable management approach, Yavaş said, “Ankara residents need to get rid of concrete, plastic, rent and above all political clamp, a climate of abundance and peace is desired. We promised to do the projects. After all these words, our citizens from Ankara showed their will in the election and gave the message 'we are with you'”.

“To make a great mentality change in the management approach of the municipality; We aimed to manage this city with a transparent, participatory, accountable and common mind. As a matter of fact, at the end of 3 years, we are happy to achieve this to a great extent”, ABB President Mansur Yavaş made the following assessments:

“We have always prioritized “human” due to our management approach. Sheikh Edebali's statement 'Let people live so that the state can live...' has always been our guide in this regard. If people are happy in a city, there is light in that city. If people are peaceful in a city, there is hope in that city. If none of our compatriots feel alone, there is solidarity there. What it takes to light up a city is hope and trust, not lamps. A management mentality, in which a young citizen wrote, 'If I tripped while I was walking in Kızılay, I feel like Mansur President would hold my hand just as I fell' was our craziest project. This is where the change in mentality started and the period of separation, polarization and reckoning in this city came to an end. When we said 'we will make a way to the hearts', we were not one of those who calculate the asphalt tonnage. We have never forgotten that not only expensive sculptures and toys will bring happiness, but justice can. For him, as soon as he wins the election, 'This is not a victory. What victory? Victory is won against the enemy. We said, 'There is no enemy in front of us,' and Ankara does not set the scales according to concrete, rent, plastic and iron; We weighed it according to truth, need, and righteousness.”

Noting that they changed the understanding of social municipality in Ankara, Yavaş explained that they switched to the support economy model:

“In the past, 'social aid municipality' was practiced in this city. However, we preferred 'social municipality'. Social welfare municipality is to distribute the food parcels that you buy by making a merchant rich and that contain outdated products to the public in front of everyone. It is to stay away from the real needs of the people and to imprison the people in the parcel you distribute only. It is unplanned, reckless, aimless. Social Municipalism has a target… That's why we provide meat and milk support so that children can get protein while they grow up. We provide natural gas support so that they do not get cold, and service support so that they can go to school. We provide internet support, stationery support at the beginning of each training period, and pay the YKS-LGS exam fees so that they do not stay away from their education. That these children should have equal conditions from their birth to the age they will be born, that they should know that financial impossibilities are not their fault, that they should read; We want them to be useful young people for themselves, their families, their cities and our country. Moreover, while doing this, we do not make a merchant rich with the Başkent Card system, we spread the support economy to the whole city, and we provide great support to our tradesmen. Thus, our people can easily meet their real needs from wherever they want. This is the difference between social aid municipality and social municipality. This is the craziest project in a city.”


Slow, emphasizing that they have adopted the 'common mind' in the city administration, said his thoughts on the management approach, “The mayor should know the money of the people not as a source to transfer money to his own coffers, but as his honor and honor. The mayor should not be a superior and privileged person, but should be both the mother and father of the city. The mayor is not the owner of the municipality, but an officer of the municipality.

Noting that words such as "party", "pro-partisan", "relative", "friend", "stakeholder" were erased from the city's memory after he took office, Yavaş said, "The concrete blocks, asphalt, freak toy statues, doors, cats, dinosaurs, money. you can establish. However, peace and trust; by increasing the precedents, zoning changes, not with money; can be achieved by right, law and justice. That is why it is necessary for everyone to put their hands on their conscience and their minds among the people and think in order to see what we have done in 3 years. If you can't win hearts with fair sharing, equality, human love, justice, tolerance and solidarity, your municipality is completely garbage. Because although it is thought that money can buy everything, the first area that it will never reach is trust. Trust is not bought, it is earned. What did you do in 3 years? "Those who still do not understand what we are doing by asking, "Those who do not understand why the people show great interest in this understanding of municipalism, apparently will not understand this, if not 3 years, but another 30 years," he said.


Stating that they have completed 15 interchanges and 8 connection roads at emergency points, and that they have paved asphalt at more than 2021 points in 300, Yavaş shared the following information about the transportation projects that have been implemented and will be completed in a short time:

“Istasyon Street, which neither Prime Ministers nor Presidents promised; We have been blessed to do it, we will open it very soon. We have completed our metro project and submitted it to the approval of the Ministry in a city where the municipality has not been able to open even 25 kilometer for 1 years. There is not a single metro project in Ankara, we started it. Making a metro project is also so important that it is currently in the Ministry of Transport. I will also challenge you. Now we will complete our Kızılay- Dikmen Metro Project. We have started our extension work on 50 of our lines. The tender for the project between Keçiören, Ovacık, Koru and Yaşamkent is also going on. There were no bike paths in this city, we started to build it. We bought 60 buses to Ankara, where no new buses have been purchased since 2. We have produced a 2013% electric bus converted from diesel for the first time in Turkey, we will see it on the roads very soon.

Stating that they give priority to projects that prioritize community health among rural development supports, Yavaş said, “We started the SMA test for newly married couples. Because, according to a mayor, the health of the people is the relief of their conscience. A mayor should be not only the administrative chief of the city he manages, but also the chief of the heart, the chief of life. In our municipality, no asphalt, concrete or plastic is more important than the previously prevented SMA disease. From now on, we will continue to work like this… We will say “human health and life first”, we will say justice, peace and transparency first… We will continue to write the beautiful story of the good days to come with 6 million Ankara residents,” he said.


ABB President Mansur Yavaş; He also explained the criticisms about water, ticket and meter prices with figures:

“This municipality sold water for an average of 2005 dollars in 2018-1,60. We are now selling for $0,60. We see that tweets are being made that the municipality has increased the water. Here is the figure, friends. In 2005-2018, they sold water, which is the most vital need of people, for 23,5 liras in today's money. What happened to this money, it went to garbage projects. If all the infrastructure had been finished, Polatlı's water would have gone now, Çubuk would have gone, Gölbaşı and Mamak would have been built. There would be no open channel. Every mayor has a different priority. This is very important and is an example for Ankara, selling water for $1,60… Now I'm coming to the municipality that you have praised for years. Murat Karayalçın applied monthly subscription to students. You canceled the monthly subscription in 95. No subscription until we came in 2019. Why are you doing politics over your subscription? You have no subscription. It's not over yet, let the people of Ankara hear, how much money did you charge between 2015-17? It's an average of $1,29. How much does 1,29 dollars make, friends, isn't it over 20 liras? Since 2002, the average is 1 dollar, so how much is ours 44 cents.. We come to the counters for 31 dollars, mechanical meter sales, card meter sales, 205 dollars, 300 dollars. Turkish lira is only 300 dollars, and the mechanical meter is 1000 liras.”

Touching on the criticisms of providing meat aid to families receiving social aid, Yavaş made the following statements:

“We donate stationery, we donate milk. Why did you suddenly flare up when you said meat aid? I did not understand. There is no name, it is not clear to whom it was given. Let me tell you something, I mean really including myself. After we took this decision and distributed it, one of our citizens said in the first e-mail, "President, I wanted a mother's meatball for three months and could not give it to my three-year-old daughter. God bless,' he said. So what's up with the people? In another e-mail about natural gas, he said, 'Until now, we were able to buy 30-40 liras as much as we had in our pockets. For the first time in my life, I was able to buy 200 lira, but you invested 500 lira, my children will now be warm at home. "God bless you," he said.


In his speech, he said, “We will not make anyone say, 'Is there no one to catch up with me' in this city. 'Don't I have anyone to call in this city?' we will not say. We will continue to provide light to our citizens who are in the dark, breath to our citizens who are in trouble, and to our fellow citizens who produce.” Yavaş continued his words as follows:

“Of course, we may have mistakes and shortcomings… We can criticize each other… But we will never accept insulting rhetoric. Here, those who make these insulting words should continue as they are, and the political interests that will arise from this will be theirs. We will continue to talk and think about Ankara with all our sensible Assembly members, regardless of party. However, what I do not accept is this: Maybe one of the important reasons why I came to the parliament is this. Unfortunately, the speeches of some of our friends today you may like, you do not have to like them, but a person sitting in the office of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, no servant of Allah has the right to insult and speak insultingly. I don't want to go down to the same level as them, I can't fit myself. The boss is the people of Ankara, the capital is the people of Ankara; And the ruler should be the people of Ankara. Because the people of Ankara pay for the services we provide, so they are the real owners of the money. We will continue to manage our city with these understandings. One day, when we left these offices, even when we passed away from this world to eternity, 'he was an honest man, he was a fair man, he was a good mayor, he was the father of a strange grudge, he was a student's comrade, he was honest, he was clean; The value of a prayer saying 'he built our infrastructure, our parks, our roads' is more valuable to me than all other matters of the end life.”

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