AK Party Bağcılar Mayor Candidate Announced

AK Party Bagcilar Mayor Candidate Announced
AK Party Bağcılar Mayor Candidate Announced

AK Party Istanbul Provincial Chairman Osman Nuri Kabaktepe announced that Abdullah Özdemir is the candidate for Mayor of Bağcılar.

Bağcılar Municipality Council AK Party Group Meeting convened under the chairmanship of AK Party Istanbul Provincial President Osman Nuri Kabaktepe. Members of the AK Party Assembly participated in the meeting in full.

Abdullah Özdemir, candidate of the AK Party

At the group meeting, the name to be nominated to replace Lokman Çağırıcı, who resigned from his position as the Mayor due to health problems, was discussed. As a result of the consultations, Provincial President Kabaktepe announced that Abdullah Özdemir, as the AK Party Group, is the Candidate for Mayor of Bağcılar.

“Who is Abdullah Ozdemir?”

“Born in 1983 in Kastamonu, Özdemir completed the Civil Engineering Department (Half English) at Yıldız Technical University and his Master's Degree at Istanbul Kultur University. He started his career in 2006 in Bağcılar District Youth Branch. Second Ordinary on 11 November 2007 and III on 14 August 2011. He was elected as the District President of the Youth Branches at the Ordinary District Youth Branch Congresses. During this period, he received training on the Middle East, America and World Politics at a think tank in America / Washington and still takes part in the International Relations Working Group of the AK Party Youth Istanbul Provincial Presidency. Özdemir resigned from the Youth Branch District Presidency in November 2013 due to his candidacy application for Municipal Council Membership.

Özdemir, who was elected as the AK Party Bağcılar Municipality Council Member in the 2019 local elections, is also a member of the IMM Council and served as the Head of the Transportation and Traffic Commission. Özdemir, who speaks English, is married and has one child.”

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