Positive Sign from the Export Market for Jewelry Made in Kayseri

Positive Sign from the Export Market for Jewelry Made in Kayseri
Positive Sign from the Export Market for Jewelry Made in Kayseri

There is one sector in the fragile Turkish gold economy that has only been touched by the negative effects of the crisis: jewellery. Kayseri jewelery store idealsarraf.com, which is in the sector, draws attention to the fact that there is an important positive sign in our country's jewelry exports.

In fact, Kayseri ranks first in jewelery production and third in exports across Turkey. The jewelery industry is considered one of the most competitive excellences of the gold economy. such that Kayseri gold 70% of jewelery production is for international markets and the remaining 30% is for domestic trade.

In 2022, jewelery exports confirm the positive trend of the past years and continue to grow with an increase of +2021% compared to the same period of 8,5, thanks to the hard work of many Kayseri jewelery companies that know how to improve quality and design.

The Most Demand Comes From Germany and Italy

Switzerland, China, Germany and Italy are the countries that show the highest demand and buy our Kayseri jewelery products. The domestic market, which still suffers from the contraction in gold consumption, especially in luxury jewellery, is much less lively.

In fact, the data presented in the latest report of idealsarraf.com officials show that diamond and jewelery products produced in Kayseri tend to be more targeted with foreign consumers with a good quality/price ratio compared to those produced in other provinces.

Jewelery Exhibits Its Charm Since Antiquity

Peoples such as the Egyptians, Mayans, and Incas loved to adorn themselves with precious jewels. Not only because they are symbols of wealth and royalty, but also because of their religious and superstitious beliefs.

Even the Sumerians and Etruscans were big admirers of jewellery. So much so that they created beautiful handmade gold and jewelery objects. jewels Seeing it as synonymous with power, the Romans then extensively used gold as a bargaining chip to support the very high costs of their military campaigns. In the Byzantine period, jewelers were the first to work and carve precious stones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds with real mastery.

In the Middle Ages, Venice established itself as the capital of the diamond trade. He then came to Florence, which brought prestige to Italy by making the fine works of its jewelers known and appreciated all over the world. RönesansIn , the fashion of "parure" spread, the classic gold necklace, gold bracelet, earrings and ring were worn by the ladies and queens of every court in Europe.

Transition from Pure Gold to Gold Plated

In the 19th century, gold-plated jewelery products began to be used all over the world. Large diamond deposits were discovered in South Africa, and gold in Central and South America. Large goldsmiths and jewelers started their activities and are still among the most popular brands in the world today. In the early 1900s, the symbolism movement inspired gold jewelery jewelry design.

Prestigious houses such as Bulgari and Chanel created famous collections referring to Picasso's Cubism, which was very fashionable in those years.

The Sarrafs Extending to Kayseri

Today, the jewelery industry, which blends various trends and fashions all over the world, is reviving in the province of Kayseri in our country. Kayseri sarraf and jewelers prefer soft shapes that are in great demand in the world, highlighting the true value of the jewellery.

In modern collections, design sometimes winks at eccentricity, as in fashion, but jewelery with a history fascinates collectors who are willing to pay astronomical sums to obtain them.

That's why many Kayseri jewelery items are considered an excellent investment that gains more and more value over time due to their uniqueness and rarity.

The most recommended stone in the field of Kayseri jewelery is undoubtedly the object of desire of millions of women. is a diamond.

Of course, the investment ones are more sought after and valuable than the jewelery ones, always very beautiful but of lower quality.

Kayseri diamonds are recognized and certified by institutions that guarantee the value and resaleability of the stone in accordance with international directives.

Even the diamond purchased from the jeweler must be certified by an authorized body describing its characteristics and origin. Best to have it recommended by your trusted Kayseri jeweler.

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