A First in Turkey, 'Lake Iznik Receives the Blue Flag'

A First Iznik Goal In Turkey Receives The Blue Flag
A First in Turkey, 'Lake Iznik Receives the Blue Flag'

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which makes Bursa's 115 kilometers sea coast and 180 kilometers of lake beaches ready for local and foreign tourists, continues its efforts to hang the 'Blue Flag' on İnciraltı Public Beach in Iznik district.

Continuing its work in order to highlight the coastal city identity of Bursa and to ensure that it gets the share it deserves from summer tourism, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its preparations for the new season. Aiming to make the entire coastline ready for use, the Metropolitan Municipality aims to wave the Blue Flag on the beaches so that everyone can swim in the sparkling seas during the summer months. In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality, which started working in October last year to plant the Blue Flag at İnciraltı Public Beach in Iznik district, met most of the criteria.

Change on the beaches

Turkish Environmental Education Foundation (TÜRÇEV) North Aegean Provinces Coordinator Doğan Karataş visited Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş and gave information about the process. President Alinur Aktaş, who said that they made great efforts in mucilage cleaning last year, stated that good developments will be experienced with the arrangements to be made on the beaches this year. Expressing that they applied last year for İnciraltı Public Beach to receive the Blue Flag, Mayor Aktaş said, “TÜRÇEV is implementing the Blue Flag project. Around 500 reliable, usable, Blue Bayraklı We have public beaches. We want our Iznik İnciraltı Public Beach to have this flag as well. İnciraltı Public Beach will be a beach that the people of Iznik, Bursa residents and other tourists can use safely and peacefully.”

'eco label'

TÜRÇEV North Aegean Provinces Coordinator Doğan Karataş stated that it would be the first in Turkey for Lake Iznik to receive the Blue Flag. Reminding that one of the most well-known 'eco label' applications in the world is the Blue Flag project, Karataş said, “We care about Bursa Metropolitan Municipality being sensitive to the environment. I would also like to thank them for the value they give to the Blue Flag project and their efforts. Hopefully, we will wave the flag on a lake for the first time in Turkey in June. I believe that Bursa will achieve the first Blue Flag in its history. Beautiful Bursa is ready to receive this award”.

At the end of the visit, the symbolic Blue Flag was handed over to President Alinur Aktaş by Doğan Karataş.

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