47 thousand 343 Persons Got Disabled Identity Cards Via e-Government

A Thousand Persons Have Become the Owners of Disabled Identity Cards via e-Government
47 thousand 343 Persons Got Disabled Identity Cards Via e-Government

Since August 2021, 47 people have applied for the disabled identity card, whose applications are submitted to the e-Government by the Ministry of Family and Social Services to facilitate the lives of disabled citizens.

The Ministry has been giving disabled identity cards to citizens with a disability report of 1998 percent or more since 40, in order to create a disability database and to use it to benefit from the rights and services granted to the disabled.

In order to facilitate the life of disabled citizens, the Ministry started to accept disabled identity card applications, which were received by applying to the Provincial Directorates of Family and Social Services, via e-Government as of 28 August 2021.

In this context, 47 thousand 343 people have applied through e-Government and became disabled card holders. The application process of 2.423 people continues.

Citizens can apply for their disabled identity card via the link turkiye.gov.tr/ashb-engelliler-icin-kimlik-karti-basvurusu.

People's photo, citizenship ID and postal address information from the MERNİS sharing network; Disabled health board report is provided from the Health Information System (SBS) sharing network, and disabled identity cards are issued to applicants in the digital environment.

The issued identity card is sent to the addresses declared during the application or to the addresses registered in MERNiS within 15 working days.

Disabled individuals can also obtain a disabled identity card by applying to the Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Services in their province of residence with 2 photographs, the original or approved copy of the identity card and the disability health board report.

Since 1998, 1,5 million citizens have been given disabled identity cards by the Ministry.

Citizens who have a disabled identity card can benefit from the right to travel free of charge in the public transportation vehicles they use. Disabled individuals can benefit from all public and private public buses, sea transportation vehicles and trains within the body of TCDD free of charge. In addition, 20% discount is provided on all domestic and international flights.

Housing tax exemption Disabled people who have a single house smaller than 200 square meters are exempt from real estate tax.
Value Added Tax (VAT) is not collected in the supply of all kinds of tools and equipment and special computer programs specially produced for the education, profession and daily life of the disabled.

You can visit museums and historical sites, national parks, nature protection areas and nature parks free of charge. He can also benefit from state theaters free of charge. Special tariffs are applied to disabled people by GSM operators.

In the projects prepared by TOKİ, 5 percent of the planned number of residences is reserved for disabled citizens. Disabled citizens can apply with a photocopy of their identity card and a disability health board report, and the right holders of the residences are determined by drawing lots.

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