4 Trending Apps to Create Collages on Instagram

Trending Application for Instagram Collage
4 Trending Apps to Create Collages on Instagram

Both companies and phenomena and regular users add more glamor to their collages by using new apps to combine images, videos, fun dissimilar backgrounds and more.

Instagram users, whose online audience also wants to collage, can help add a unique stance to their branded content and showcase more images and videos in less space to capture the attention of their target audience.

Request; 4 best apps to create amazing collages on Instagram and stay one step ahead of the trend

1: Create Minimalist Collages with Unfold

A fan favorite, Unfold is packed with a library of clean and modern collage templates. In fact, it has become one of the most popular template apps for Instagram Stories nowadays.

Trending Application for Instagram Collage

Unfold regularly adds new templates, such as collage templates for different light temperatures and situations, keeping the app constantly updated.

Trending Application for Instagram Collage

Unfold also lets you preview your story with 'Story mode' and shows you how your stories will look on Instagram before you hit post.

Simple on the go making collages If you're looking for a quick and easy way, Unfold is about to become your favorite app!

2: Have Fun and Lively Collages with Storyluxe

The latest Instagram Stories template app that has caught the attention of users is Storyluxe. Application, polaroid and it is packed with a wide variety of dynamic Instagram collage templates, including instant movie templates, neon, flower and much more.

Trending Application for Instagram Collage

However, this app shouldn't be considered for Instagram Stories alone as it has both 4:5 and 9:16 options for each collage template, making it perfect for creating collages to match your Instagram feed posts.

To get started, choose a template from one of the packages available to you and add your photos and videos. You can then enhance your story or posts with StoryLuxe's ​​filters, background textures and colors to suit your Instagram aesthetic.

You can also edit the branding of the borders with a paid plan by adding your brand name or the name of your event to the storyboard text, which is a great detail to add!

Trending Application for Instagram Collage

3: Meet the Seamless Panoramic Effects of SCRL

The SCRL app makes it easy to create seamless, stackable collages perfect for looping posts. This application your followers It gives users the freedom and flexibility to layer camera roll images between frames on your canvas to keep more scrolling:

Trending Application for Instagram Collage

Take Bandier, for example. The activewear brand created a horizontal collage that spans several carousel posts. As you scroll through the post, the next image continues to the next.

This is a great way to entice your followers to swipe left to see how your photos are connecting. By creating a continuous photo experience, your followers are much more likely to reach the end of your post and hit the like button.

And remember – time spent on Instagram posts is one of the key factors that causes your post to perform well in the Instagram algorithm. The more time you spend on your post (aka scrolling through your photos), the better!

4: Customize Your Collages with PicMonkey

PicMonkey's collage maker is another great tool for creating beautiful collages for Instagram in minutes, and it has advanced templates to help you connect images from one carous post to the next in a really cool and creative way.

The Layouts tab has dozens of design options for your collage with tons of customizable options – you can also make background adjustments, add swatches and even edit your photos from your desktop or directly from the app:

Trending Application for Instagram Collage

PicMonkey's templates are also fully customizable, so you can start from scratch or make as many adjustments as you want to an existing collage template.


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