369 IEDs Destroyed, 81 Caves and Shelter Seized with Claw Lock Operation

IED Destroyed with Pence Lock Operation Cave and Refuge Seized
369 IEDs Destroyed, 81 Caves and Shelter Seized with Claw-Lock Operation

The Claw-Lock Operation, which was initiated with the aim of eliminating terrorist attacks from northern Iraq and ensuring border security, continues as planned.

Commandos and Special Forces elements, which successfully completed the first phase of the operation and reached the determined targets, enter the caves, bunkers, shelters and so-called headquarters one by one used by terrorists.

Continuing its search and scanning activities in the region, Mehmetçik seized many weapons and materials belonging to the terrorist organization.

Since the start of the operation on April 17, 369 handmade explosives have been destroyed and 81 caves and shelters belonging to the terrorist organization have been seized.

Mehmetçik, who seized 94 heavy weapons, including machine guns, found more than 20 thousand ammunition, including rocket launchers, grenade launchers, mortars and heavy weapons.

While a large number of living materials were seized in the caves belonging to the terrorists, many materials, including generators and televisions, were also found in the caves.

In the Claw Lock Operation initiated by the Turkish Armed Forces, 57 terrorists have been neutralized so far.

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