26 Million Lira Support to the Cinema Industry

Million Lira Support to the Cinema Industry
26 Million Lira Support to the Cinema Industry

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism provided 23 million 26 thousand liras to the sector for 450 feature film projects. In the second support committee of 2022, 129 projects such as "Feature Film Production", "First Feature Film Editing", "Post-shooting", "Distribution and Promotion" and "Co-Production" were evaluated by the 8-person support committee consisting of cinema sector representatives. .

The Ministry awarded 11 million 17 thousand liras to 200 “Feature Film Film Production” projects, 9 million 8 thousand liras to 250 “First Feature Film Editing” projects, 2 thousand liras to 500 “After Shooting” projects and 1 thousand liras to 500 “Co-Production” project. thousand lira support was provided.

Support for Young Directors

With the support of the director who will make their first film within the scope of the support of the Ministry, this year, 9 promising directors were given the opportunity to make their first feature films.

With the support of the first feature film they received from the Ministry, many directors such as Tolga Karaçelik, Mahmut Fazıl Coşkun, Emin Alper, Banu Sıvacı, Kaan Müjdeci, Ali Aydın, Vuslat Saraçoğlu, Seyid Çolak, Fatih Özcan, Mehmet Bahadır Er, with the films they shot in Sundance, Berlin had returned with awards from the world's most important film festivals, such as Venice, Moscow, Sarajevo, Warsaw and Tokyo.

Support for Master Names

Master director Reis Çelik, who won more than 30 awards, including the Berlin Film Festival "Crystal Bear" award for his movie "Lal Gece", received the "Lion of the Future" award from the Venice Film Festival for his movie "Blind Night" and "Mold". kazanDirector Çiğdem Vitrinel, who won awards from many festivals with her film "Kompleks" and "But Müzeyyen This is a Deep Passion" by director Ali Aydın, won the "Best Film" from the Sarajevo Film Festival with her previous film "How To Do It?", "My Mother's Song". "Polen" by director Erol Mintaş, who returned with the "" award, "There's Another Chance" by director Burak Çevik, who made the world premiere of his first film "Belonging" at the "Berlin Film Festival", and the world premiere of his first film Saf at the Toronto Film Festival. A new breath of fresh air for Turkish documentary filmmaking with the documentary films shot by director Ali Vatansever, who performed in kazanThe new feature-length documentary project titled “Metamorfoz” by director Hasan Söylemez, who won an award from the Manchester Film Festival with his documentary titled “Tenere” and “Tenere”, was also among the projects supported.

Support for Animation and Co-Productions

Feature-length animated films, whose production has increased significantly with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in recent years, achieved great success at the box office. This year, the project of director Şenol Kılıç named “Manu” took its place among the supported films.

This year, Bulgaria, Czechia, Georgia, Germany and Turkey co-produced “The Moon” in the genre of “Co-Production Support”, which has become very important in the cinema industry due to reasons such as bringing together filmmakers from different countries, transferring information and technology, access to local funding sources and creating potential markets. Support was provided for the project titled "Is A Father Of Mine".

Documentary Film Production Support' type applications will be evaluated at the third support committee of 2022, which will be held in May.

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