2 Million 500 Thousand Kilograms of Chickpea Seeds Supported to Farmers in the Capital

Million Thousand Kilograms of Chickpea Seeds Provided to Capital Farmers
2 Million 500 Thousand Kilograms of Chickpea Seeds Supported to Farmers in the Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to increase its rural development support in order to increase the efficiency and quality of the capital's agriculture and to contribute to the domestic producers economically. The Rural Services Department has completed the distribution of 25 million 125 thousand kilograms of chickpea seeds to approximately 9 farmers to be planted on an area of ​​100 thousand decares in 2 districts. Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş shared on his social media accounts, “The happiness on the faces of our farmers and the abundance in their fields are worth everything.”

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has initiated the re-production of agricultural lands in the Capital. kazanIt continues to support domestic producers in order to increase production and increase production.

The Rural Services Department completed the distribution of chickpea seeds to domestic producers. Finally, while farmers in Kızılcahamam and Çamlıdere districts received chickpea seeds, Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş addressed the farmers with the following words in a post he shared on his social media accounts:

“We have completed the distribution of 25 million 9 thousand kilograms of chickpea seeds to approximately 100 domestic producers in 2 districts. The happiness on the faces of our farmers and the abundance in their fields are worth everything.”

DISTRICT DISTRICT DEVELOPMENT: Chickpea will be planted on 125 thousand decares of land

ABB aims to both revitalize the fertile lands of the Başkent and encourage production with the support of chickpea seeds with 9 percent grant and 100 percent farmer contribution to approximately 90 farmers.

With this support, the Metropolitan Municipality, which will bring 2 million 500 thousand kilograms of chickpea seeds together with 125 thousand decares of agricultural land throughout the city, aims to develop the urban economy as well as the farmers' economy.


Haymana farmers, who received the chickpea seeds distributed by the Rural Services Department teams, thanked the Metropolitan Municipality with the following words:

Melik Koç: “I greatly appreciate the help of our Metropolitan Municipality. We have now received our chickpea seeds. There was a drought last year, if our farmers did not receive this support, our citizens would have been in a very difficult situation.”

Ozcan Kara: “Due to these aids in Haymana Dereköy District, I now plant and reap myself. I've become quite a farmer. My tractor was lying in front of my house door, but now it's working, I've been cultivating my fields day and night.”

Niyazi Ozak: “Thank you very much to our President, he made a great contribution. He gave us diesel and saved us from a great burden. Due to the hikes, I had to receive this aid this year, too.”

Deniz Kurter: “As a female farmer in Haymana, I cultivate myself. Normally it would have cost more, but with the grant we will have made it cheaper.”

Ahmet Buyur:“Our Metropolitan Municipality supports us in every aspect. Me and my brother benefited from this support, thank you very much.”

Sold Doorman:“Our farmers were given wheat, chickpeas, fuel and provisions. They support us in everything. A big thank you to everyone involved.”


Continuing its rural development moves in the capital, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality made the farmers smile with the support of chickpea seeds.

Elmadağ Mayor Adem Barış Aşkın drew attention to the importance of the rural development support of the Metropolitan Municipality and said, “At this time when our country was going through difficult times, the biggest supporter of our farmers was Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Our farmers from Elmadağ would thank Mayor Yavaş for their support”, while the farmers from Elmadağ, Polatlı and Gölbaşı expressed that they breathed a sigh of relief thanks to the support of chickpea seeds:

Adem Dinc: “Until now, I have benefited from diesel and wheat support, and today I buy chickpea seeds. Thank you to our president.”

Faik Guler: “I have benefited from all the rural development supports initiated by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. May Allah be pleased with our President Mansur Yavaş.''

Abdullah Sahin: “Rural development supports make a great contribution to our economy. I have benefited from barley and fuel support so far, I would like to thank everyone who contributed.”

Veysel Unal: “Thanks to the support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, I will buy chickpeas for 15 liras, which we can buy from abroad for 500 thousand liras.”

Bahattin Bozkurt: “The rural development support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has a great economic contribution to the farmers. Without these supports, our fields would be empty and we would not be able to plant.”

Tayfur Tekgul: “Ankara Metropolitan Municipality gives great support to farmers. After the diesel support, I benefited from the chickpea support today as well.”

Selami Demir: “I am very pleased with the rural development support of the Metropolitan Municipality and I wish the support to continue.”

Aaron Kaplan: “I would not have been able to plant my field without the chickpea seed support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, I thank you for that.”

Yuksel Ercan: “As farmers, we love our president, we count, he has given us great support to the farmers.”

Mustafa Koc: “We have never seen such support before. We are very pleased with this help.”

Mevlut Hero: “We would like to thank our Mayor Mansur Bey. So far, we have not received such assistance from any municipality. Our president kept his promise.”

Ercan Askin: “God bless our president. It provides tremendous support to the villagers. The support of chickpeas is barley on the one hand, wheat on the other, and diesel on the other. I am 60 years old, this is the first time in 60 years that I am faced with such help.”

Murat Aslan: “I benefit from rural support every year. We have never seen such a study before. We are very satisfied, thank you.”


Emphasizing that the price of chickpea seeds is reasonable according to the market and that this support will stimulate not only their own economy but also the city's economy, Çubuklu farmers expressed their thoughts with the following words:

Orhan Erdogmus: “I benefited from all the support the Metropolitan Municipality gave. These supports make a great contribution to our budget. I paid 2 lira for 160 sacks of seeds. The world is money if you buy it from the market. I never planted chickpeas, thanks to the Metropolitan, I will plant chickpeas for the first time.”

Yasin Year: “The support for the farmer is truly admirable. 15 kilos of chickpeas, enough for 300 decares... If a farmer plants them, they will earn very good money. kazancan. They have been providing all kinds of support for chickpeas and wheat for years. Especially good for small farmers like us. With the support and incentives given to the farmer, we can also plant. The purchasing power has already decreased a lot, we would not have been able to plant without these supports.”

Erdal Cihan: “The seedling and seed support given to the farmer has been very good. Thanks to these supports, more people are planting and more yields are obtained.”

Huseyin Eryılmaz: “I find these supports very good. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş did a very good thing for the farmer. God bless you, this is the contribution. What else?”

Osman Kilic: “Chickpea support from the Metropolitan Municipality has been very good. Besides the chickpeas, I also received the diesel support. These supports have made a great contribution to our economy. 600 kilos of chickpeas cost 3 thousand liras. I will plant 300 kilos of chickpea seeds. We see our work. God bless you."

Hasan Cetinkaya: “We thank our President Mr. Let them be, let them be. As long as such supports are made, the support of the nation will be full.”


The last stop of the Metropolitan Municipality, which started to support chickpea seeds to producers in the capital city, on April 14 was Kızılcahamam and Çamlıdere districts.

The farmers of Kızılcahamam, who benefited from the seed support distributed in all 25 districts and ended on April 26, summarized their satisfaction as follows:

Ahmet Küçükateş: “This support really helps us a lot. In today's economic conditions, it was like a gift to us.”

Ayşe Unver: “This is the first time I have benefited from chickpea support. I believe it will be beneficial in every way.”

Ali Bulut: “I am pleased with all the support provided by the Metropolitan Municipality. Today I will buy chickpea seeds, hopefully I will plant them and get a crop. Last year I bought wheat germ and vegetable seedlings. I did not expect the products to be of such high quality. The seeds came out very high quality, the vegetables came out very healthy. The products were given in abundance. We thank you."

Jesus Emre: “I bought chickpeas last year, and I obtained quite a lot of products. I sold these products at a profit. These services are very beneficial for farmers. In this way, farmers are planting more and earning income.”

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