100% Electric Buses Ready to Take Off in Ankara

Percentage of Electric Buses Ready to Take Off in Ankara
100% Electric Buses Ready to Take Off in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is proud of breaking new ground in the world. The world's first converted 100 percent electric buses, the prototype of which was introduced by ABB President Mansur Yavaş, and the mass production was started, will be delivered to the EGO General Directorate this month. In addition to the prototype introduced at the first stage, 7 more buses were ready to take to the field, while ABB President Yavaş participated in the test drive of the bus and took a city tour.

Pressing the button for technological transformation in the transportation of the capital, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is transforming diesel buses that have completed their economic life into 100 percent electric buses with its own means.

Starting with the introduction of the prototype of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş on February 25, 2021, saying "I hope we will see electric buses on the streets of Ankara from now on", and with the cooperation between EGO General Directorate and BELKA AŞ on October 20, 2021, the usage period of 22 buses in the first place. 7 buses that were full were made ready to go to the field. The buses are the first converted 100 percent electric buses in the world to be mass-produced.


While the conversion process of 7 buses purchased from the EGO General Directorate was completed, ABB President Mansur Yavaş also participated in the test drive of 100 percent electric buses converted from diesel.

Yavas, who, together with the council members, took a city tour starting in front of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality with the bus converted from diesel to electric, along the route of Sıhhiye, Kızılay, Cinnah, Çankaya Street, Atatürk Boulevard, Kızılay and Ulus, greeted the citizens of the Capital. In his statement on social media, Yavaş said, “We are proud and happy to be the municipality that produces the world's first converted 100% electric bus, which has been put into mass production. We look forward to bringing you 7 more buses in addition to our eco-friendly, clean-energy, converted bus prototype at the first stage.”


Explaining the technical details of the project during the city tour, BELKA General Manager Dursun Çiçek stated that they converted a diesel bus that was released in 2006 and that they traveled with this bus, and shared the following information:

“We bought this diesel bus from EGO 6 months ago against a contract and converted it into a 100 percent electric bus. This transformation, which we launched last year, was the first in the world. It was also the first in terms of converting an old bus into a clean-energy electric bus, successfully completing all European standard tests and getting the bus licensed as an electric bus.”

Expressing that their projects were showcased in London and that many countries are closely interested in the project, Çiçek also made important statements about the performance of the buses:

“BelKA Electric Bus Transformation Project reached the finals in the environmentalist project competition organized by the UK Climate Finance Acceleration Program (CFA), and was exhibited in the investor market in London 2 weeks ago (on 17 March). More than 30 countries are now interested in our project, which attracted great interest in London. There were ambassador-level and fire-level people who came to see the bus in our workshop. Our President, Mansur, gave a lot of effort for our Ankara. We gave technical information to our President along the way. Hill climbing feature is more than a normal electric bus… We climb Cinnah Hill with 7 tons of load very easily. We try the buses on the roads of Ankara with many ups and downs. We made this journey with my President Mansur on Jinnah Yokusu. We've all seen this performance together. We will deliver 22 buses of this first series of 7 buses to EGO this month.”

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