What is an officer, what does he do? How to Become an Officer? Civil Servants Salaries 2022

What is a Civil Servant, What Does He Do, How to Become a Civil Servant Salary 2022
What is a Civil Servant, What Does He Do, How to Become a Civil Servant Salary 2022

Civil servant is the name given to the professional group assigned to perform public service in accordance with an administrative system. Civil servants work by receiving a monthly salary. Civil servants, who have the title of public servant, are under the guarantee of the state.

What does the officer do, what are his duties?

Civil servants are obliged to perform the duties specified in the law and legislation in a timely and complete manner in the service units to which they are affiliated. There are some responsibilities that civil servants are obliged to fulfill, which is stated in the law number 657 as "responsible to their superiors for the good and correct execution of their duties". The responsibilities framed by the “State Servants Law” are as follows;

  • To fulfill the duties assigned by the authorized superior in accordance with the law,
  • Failure to fulfill the order taken depending on the hierarchy, if it is unconstitutional,
  • Not discriminating against language, religion, race or gender while fulfilling the duty,
  • Not to act in a way that will damage the reputation of the state in the duties performed abroad,
  • To be faithful to the Laws of the Republic of Turkey,
  • Working in cooperation
  • To comply with the dress code specified in the law,
  • Not to use the tools used in public service for personal purposes,
  • To protect state property delivered to them.

What are the Conditions of Being an Officer?

Depending on the public institution they will serve, the graduation degree requirements of those who want to be civil servants vary. The common qualifications sought in all institutions for admission to the civil service are as follows;

  • Must be a Turkish citizen.
  • He must not have committed a crime against the constitutional order and the security of the state.
  • The civil servant candidate should not be deprived of public rights.
  • He should not work in any job that would be contrary to the title of trade or tradesman.
  • Male candidates should not have a military obligation, they should have completed or postponed their military service.
  • The person must be in good mental health.
  • Must not be affiliated with any political party.

Civil Servants Salaries 2022

With the new hikes, the lowest civil servant salary increased from 4 thousand 444 liras to 5 thousand 665 liras, and the lowest civil servant pensioner salary increased from 3 thousand 166 liras to 4 thousand 37 liras.


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