TUSAS, Turkey's First Bird Impact Test Facility Kazannagging

TUSAS, Turkey's First Bird Impact Test Facility Kazannagging
TUSAS, Turkey's First Bird Impact Test Facility Kazannagging

Turkish Aerospace Industries strengthens its investments to test the aircraft it has developed under the most challenging conditions with national means. With Turkey's first Bird Impact Test Facility, one of the tests required for the development and certification processes of aircraft will be carried out nationally.

The test data will be kept in our country with the facility where the products developed by the Turkish Aerospace Industries, especially HURJET and National Combat Aircraft, will be tested. Turkish Aerospace Industries has accelerated its efforts to ensure that aircraft, which are considered one of the biggest threats to aviation, suffer the least damage from the possibility of bird strikes. The facility, which is designed to appeal to the use of not only aviation but also all sectors that need this test, is expected to be popular in different countries and sectors around the world.

In this context, as a result of launching bird molds formed in gel form in various masses with a system similar to the ball system, the damage to the aircraft component will be determined. With the test data to be obtained, it will contribute to the development processes of all platforms and critical components of aircraft produced by Turkish Aerospace Industries, especially National Combat Aircraft and Hürjet.

Sharing his views on the Bird Impact Test Facility, Turkish Aerospace Industries General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said, “We attach importance to developing unique products for the fully independent defense industry and testing these products with domestic and national means. We ensure that the test data remains in our country. Bird Impact Test Facility is a facility located only in certain countries of the world and kazanWe are happy to climb. To the aviation ecosystem of our country kazanI congratulate my colleagues who have contributed to the new capability we have developed.” said.

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