Electronic Chart Display System for Warships from STM

Electronic Chart Display System for Warships from STM

Electronic Chart Display System for Warships from STM

STMDENGİZ WECDIS, the Electronic Map Display, Information and Tracking System developed by STM for military naval platforms, became the first Turkish WECDIS to receive the "Wheelmark" of the Maritime Equipment Directive-MED certificate valid worldwide. STMDENGİZ WECDIS will be integrated into the warships exported by STM with Turkey's national frigate project I-Class.

Playing a critical role in Turkey's defense industry move and producing innovative and national systems, STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. continues its subsystem localization for naval platforms.

Electronic Map Display, Information and Tracking System STMDENGİZ WECDIS, developed by STM engineers for military naval platforms, received the "Wheelmark" approval of the Marine Equipment Directive (MED-Marine Equipment Directive), which has worldwide validity. Thus, STMDENGİZ WECDIS became the first WECDIS product to receive MED Certificate in Turkey.

Safe and controlled navigation with STMDENGİZ WECDIS

STMDENGİZ WECDIS, produced for underwater and surface platforms used for military purposes, is designed to meet all military functional requirements as well as include new generation military map systems.

The system, which can be found on ships, on the bridge or in the Combat Operations Center depending on the platform size, automatically displays the ship's route and progress in a digital environment and functions as a map.

STMDENGİZ WECDIS includes different additional military layers (Additional Military Layers AML). E.g; When a mine or shipwreck is detected in a previous mine operation in a region and these detections are uploaded to the system as an additional military layer, this information can be seen in the system thanks to the additional layers of STMDENGİZ WECDIS. In this way, military ships are provided with a safer and more controlled navigation.

While the domestic software STMDENGİZ WECDIS increases the navigational awareness by integrating other data providers; It also increases the efficiency of the navigation plan by reducing the time to be used in the navigation plan and evaluation. The system, which positively affects the efficiency of map corrections by reducing the burden on navigation personnel by automatically making and uploading the map corrections to the system by electronic map producers, eliminates the need for manual map corrections and long navigation plans. In addition to easy-to-use display functions and high operating performance, STMDENGİZ WECDIS, which has user-friendly software and various screen sizes, includes route planning/editing and safety control functions.


Electronic Map Display and Information System “STMDENGİZ ECDIS”, which is the civil/commercial version of the product, also became the first ECDIS to receive MED Certificate in Turkey in 2020. STMDENGİZ ECDIS, in the AGOSTA 90B Pakistan Submarine Modernization project, of which STM is the main contractor; STMDENGİZ WECDIS, on the other hand, will be integrated into the warships exported by STM with Turkey's first national frigate project, the “I” Class Frigate (TCG ISTANBUL).

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