Turkey Bulgaria Railway Second Border Crossing Project is Implemented

Turkey Bulgaria Railway Second Border Crossing Project is Implemented
Turkey Bulgaria Railway Second Border Crossing Project is Implemented

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), which has equipped our country with High Speed ​​​​Train networks from beginning to end, is working with Europe for high standard railway management. At the TCDD and Bulgarian National Railway Infrastructure Company (NRIC) General Managers Meeting, studies were started for the second border crossing project between Turkey and Bulgaria by rail. Evaluations were made on the measures to be taken in order to eliminate the problems encountered at border crossings and to increase the operational capacity.

At the meeting held in Istanbul by TCDD General Manager Metin Akbaş and NRIC General Manager Zlatin Krumov, a consensus was reached on increasing the railway cooperation between the two countries. Congratulating his Bulgarian counterpart Zlatin Krumov, Metin Akbaş underlined that the long-standing friendly relations and cooperation between the railway administrations of the two countries have increasingly continued as a result of recent studies. Emphasizing that steps have been taken to solve the problems and to ensure that our cooperation continues uninterrupted despite the difficulties experienced during the pandemic process, Akbaş said, “I think that we will soon get the positive results of the meetings held in Kapikule and Istanbul Fenerbahce to facilitate border crossings. I wholeheartedly believe that this meeting, which we will hold in this challenging process that the world is going through, will yield beneficial results for our industry, our countries, our region, and interregional cooperation.” said.

Zlatin Krumov, General Manager of the Bulgarian National Railway Infrastructure Company, emphasized the importance of developing these ties between Turkey and Bulgaria. Krumov said, “We have to work with responsibility. It is important that we ensure the safe transportation of cargo and passengers. Working with TCDD is very valuable for us. Our field conditions are difficult, we have many mountainous regions. We would like to see you in our country in new projects. I invite you to Bulgaria, we can work on joint projects. We would like to benefit from your experience.” said.

As a result of the meeting, a Meeting Minute was signed between TCDD and NRIC in order to improve the existing cooperation and to identify future cooperation opportunities.

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