Women from Transportation Officer-Sen Met in Ankara

Women from Transportation Officer-Sen Met in Ankara
Women from Transportation Officer-Sen Met in Ankara

Memur-You Women's Commission Turkey Meeting was held in Ankara with the participation of hundreds of unionist women. The women members of the unions affiliated to Memur-Sen came together in the program, which was held with great enthusiasm. Kenan Çalışkan, Chairman of the Transportation Officer-Sen, also participated in the program and organized a workshop with the Transportation Officer-Sen Women's Commission on union studies, additional indicators and gains in collective bargaining.

Memur-Sen Women's Commission Turkey Meeting held in Ankara with the slogan of "Organised Women, Strong Society" was attended by Memur-Sen Chairperson Ali Yalçın, as well as Memur-Sen Deputy Chairpersons Levent Uslu, Hüseyin Öztürk, Hacı Bayram Tonbul and Soner Can. Tufanoğlu, Transport Officer-Sen Chairman Kenan Çalışkan, Deputy Chairman Mehmet Yıldırım, Transport Officer-Sen Women's Commission Chairman Aygül Ertuğrul, Bureau Officer-Sen Chairman Yusuf Yazgan, Diyanet-Sen Chairman Ali Yıldız, Kültür Memur-Sen Chairman Mecit Erdoğan, Chairman of the Union Haber-Sen Ömer Budak and Chairman of the Women's Commission Sıdıka Aydın attended.

Speaking at the program where Memur-Sen and its affiliated unions' women's commission members met and a great excitement prevailed, Memur-Sen Chairman Ali Yalçın started his speech by expressing that he was excited by the enthusiasm in the hall and said, "It is a place where everything is turned upside down and orientalist and positivist views read edicts. You have added a voice and a voice to the voice of Memur-Sen, who took a strong place in the field of labor with a virtuous stance 81 years ago, embracing the ancient values ​​of civilization on the ground," he said.

Addressing female members in the program, Sıdıka Aydın, President of the Memur-Sen Women's Commission, emphasized that women, who are the subjects of working life, realized their dreams of leading the labor struggle step by step, and said, "Today, our leading female cadres have become the mission carriers of our quarter-century labor struggle. I am proud to be together with you, our esteemed female leaders, who embrace the labor struggle and see their union as their second family. Today, we are not only here as the leading staff of the Women's Commission. The will to throw those who dream of a thousand-year-old tutelage into the wastebasket of history, the power to remove the lie of public space from working life with 12 million signatures, we stand as the faith in front of the tanks in the treacherous coup attempt of July 15, We are the torch that carries the motto 'The world is greater than 5, labor is greater than capital' to unionism. ” he said.

After the opening program of the Women's Commission Turkey Meeting, consultation meetings of the women's commissions of the unions affiliated to Memur-Sen were held. In the meetings attended by the Union Presidents and the boards of directors, the members' activities were evaluated, and the union studies and technical issues were discussed.

At the Transportation Service Branch meeting organized by the Transportation Officer-Sen Women's Commission, Aygül Ertuğrul, Transportation Officer-Sen Chairman Kenan Çalışkan and Deputy Chairman Mehmet Yıldırım participated in the meeting with the Provincial Representatives and members of the Transportation Officer-Sen Women's Commission, union studies, additional indicators and discussions. They gave information on the achievements of collective bargaining. At the meeting, opinions were exchanged with the representatives from the provinces regarding the demands, suggestions and problems of the personnel and consultations were held regarding their solutions.

Ali Yalçın, Chairman of the Memur-Sen and Sıdıka Aydın, Chairman of the Memur-Sen Women's Commission, also attended the Transportation Officer-Sen meeting and made speeches.

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