The Secret of Excellence of the New Opel Astra: The Women's Touch

The Perfection Secret of the New Opel Astra: Women's Touch
The Perfection Secret of the New Opel Astra: Women's Touch

The new generation of Astra, one of the most popular models of Opel, which is getting ready to hit the roads in the world and in our country this year, has already managed to arouse great excitement among automobile enthusiasts. The new Opel Astra, which stirs the emotions with its bold and simple design, was developed in three years by a core team of 25 people. The fact that half of the team members are women draws attention as the biggest reason underlying the perfection of the sixth generation Astra.

Bringing its superior German technology together with the most contemporary designs, Opel is preparing to launch the sixth generation of its popular model, Astra. The new Opel Astra, which stirs the emotions with its bold and simple design, was developed in three years by a core team of 25 people. The fact that half of the 25-person team is female is the secret of the new generation Astra's perfection.

The success of expert teams in the field

Women have a lot of work to make the new generation Astra a flawless model that makes a difference in its class. While the quality criteria were managed by Zuzana Majorova during the creation of the new Astra, Haiyan Yu led the development of the fully digital Pure Panel cockpit. The design of interior colors and materials was largely determined by Ilka Höbermann and her team. Quality perception was given importance in the vehicle development processes managed by Chief Engineer Marielle Vogler.

German, accessible and exciting

The new Astra has been developed differently from previous Opel models. In addition to quality, a car that appeals more to the emotions was designed during the development phase. Whether it's visual, auditory or tactile stimuli, the new Astra activates all the emotions, enabling motorists to experience maximum driving pleasure. Chief Engineer Marielle Vogler, who started her evaluation with the words “An international team came together and realized the next generation Astra target with a highly transparent and harmonious process”, said, “You cannot create a car that can evoke positive emotions with personal ambition. “The result is not the woman factor, but collaboration, interaction, and therefore various skills and abilities that make the final product better.”

The paradigm shift implemented in the production process of the sixth generation Astra is also closely related to the development process that the brand started in 2018. Experts from the fields of design, marketing and engineering were involved in the process to combine Opel's German values ​​of being accessible and exciting with its design language, technology and vehicle content. As a result of the work of this successful team, the bold and simple Opel design philosophy was born. In this way, Astra with a very special character was created.

perfect touches

What makes the new Astra so attractive is not only the clear lines in its profile, but also the sense of confidence it creates on the other side with these lines. Marielle Vogler explains the issue of trust by saying, “As a parent, when you put your child in the seat and close the door, you want to know that you and your family are protected.” Like the front of the five-door Astra, the rear is another example of perfection. While the team developing the new Astra integrates the trunk opening mechanism into the Opel logo, the union of forces is triggered by the “Lightning” logo, which is touched to open the trunk. Astra also makes reference to the legendary model of the brand, Opel Kadett, with its "gill" design detail on the C-pillar.

visual detox

The leap in time experienced in the interior of the new generation Astra is related to the 'perception of quality'. Getting behind the wheel, the driver feels good. This sense of comfort is achieved by reducing the interior to the essentials. The development team describes this situation as “Visual Detox”. Analogue displays are now a thing of the past, thanks to the all-digital Pure Panel, and is being replaced by a new human-machine interface. In addition to this technological revolution, the fact that some functions are provided with buttons also supports the ease of use aspect of Astra. When the driver needs fresh air, he simply presses the “Max AC” button, allowing the air conditioner to run at maximum power instantly.

Interior sounds redesigned

The team that developed the next-generation Astra added specific sounds to the new Astra as much as the safety features allowed, to create an overall pleasant atmosphere. Interior sounds such as the rhythmic sound when the signal is given or the seat belt warning have been completely renewed. The team felt that the pre-made sounds were not personal enough, so a musician recorded sound sequences with string and percussion instruments in the recording studio. Thus, the interior sounds of the new Astra were designed from scratch.

Robustness and quality perception

While the perception of quality and durability is one of the most important points in all of Opel's models, this has become even more important in the new Astra. However, while this perception was strengthened, the characteristic dynamic driving characteristics of the German brand were not taken into the background. Marielle Vogler said: “Opel has long been known as a reliable brand. Like every new Opel model, the new Astra had to complete a grueling test marathon before being approved for mass production. Various winter tests in freezing temperatures in the Arctic, numerous tours at the Dudenhofen Test Center and the climatic wind tunnel, extensive tests were carried out in the EMC laboratory (electromagnetic compatibility). After successfully passing all tests, the new model received production approval,” he explained.

Apart from these, the new Astra managed to make a difference while offering the innovations that were only found in high-class vehicles to the use of the compact class. Adaptable

The most up-to-date version of Intelli-Lux LED® Pixel Headlight and AGR certified front seats are just examples of these advanced technology and comfort systems. "We want Astra enthusiasts to feel the enthusiasm of everyone in the development team," said the chief engineer, speaking on behalf of the team, who was proud of the excellent car they created.

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