The Future of the Medical Sector was Discussed at the İKMİB Workshop

The Future of the Medical Sector was Discussed at the İKMİB Workshop
The Future of the Medical Sector was Discussed at the İKMİB Workshop

The Medical Sector Future Research Workshop was held in Sapanca on February 26-27, 2022 by the Istanbul Chemicals and Products Exporters' Association (IKMIB). At the workshop that brought the medical sector together, the situation and future of the sector were discussed.

The “Medical Sector Future Research Workshop” was held on February 26-27, 2022, within the scope of the ongoing workshops for the sub-sectors of İKMİB. In the workshop, which lasted for two days and brought together all the stakeholders that shape the medical sector, it was heralded that the medical sector will also be included in the Chemical Technology Center for the certification required in MDR/IVDR processes. Global developments in the sector, access to finance, government supports, VAT rates, local regulations, high value-added products were scrutinized in all aspects. It was discussed that the perception of the sector in the country and abroad will be higher and solution proposals for the problems related to the sector were discussed.

The "Medical Sector Future Research Workshop" hosted by İKMİB in Sapanca was attended by leading companies in the sector, especially İKMİB Chairman of the Board Adil Pelister, Accounting Member of İKMİB Board of Directors and Medical Sector Committee Chairman Tayfun Demir, TR Ministry of Commerce, TC Industry and Representatives of the Ministry of Technology, TR Ministry of Treasury and Finance, TR Ministry of Health-Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK), Presidents and representatives of associations related to sector stakeholders, academics from universities attended.

Strategic steps determined

In the roundtable meetings held, the medical sector was discussed in a wide range from access to finance to government supports, from adaptation to global developments to local regulations, while solution suggestions that will carry the medical sector, which strengthens exports, to the future, and strategic steps to be taken in the short and medium term were determined.

Making Turquality supports suitable for SMEs, including licensing costs in foreign countries in the incentive system, reducing import and export procedures, consultancy services, testing fees, etc. required for the medical device export registration procedure. It was stated that the outputs of the workshop, together with the support of the items and other issues, will be used for the medical sector to be included in the 5-year development plan.

İKMİB Chairman of the Board Adil Pelister, who made the opening speech of the Medical Sector Future Research Workshop, made a presentation including the current figures in the export of the medical sector, the position of the Turkish medical sector in the world and İKMİB's activities in the medical sector.

Turkish medical sector showed up at Arab Health and AEEDC 2022 Fair

Adil Pelister, Chairman of the Board of İKMİB, stated that they are working to raise the perception of the sector from within the country and abroad with trade and procurement committees, Ur-Ge projects, and trade fairs organized for the medical sector, which has a significant share in the exports of the chemical sector. We held the national participation organizations of two important fairs in Dubai for medical, dental and health products. The national participation organization of the Arab Health 24 fair between 27-2022 January 2022 and the AEEDC 1 fair between 3-2022 February 2022 was held by our Association for the third time. While a total of 2022 companies represented Turkey at the Arab Health 138 fair, a total of 2022 Turkish companies participated in the AEEDC 36 fair. We find it important to attend fairs in order to see the newest products in the medical sector, to get to know new technologies and to make new business connections. We will organize the national participation of the Medica fair, which will be held in Germany in November this year”.

Fair Pelister: “Our new market target in the medical sector is the USA and Africa”

Also giving information about the fairs they plan to attend for the first time this year, Pelister said, “We are planning to attend FIME in the USA, Africa Health in South Africa and Medic West Africa in Nigeria for the first time. In the last month, we will continue to strengthen the medical sector with 3 different organizations and more that we have organized for the sector.”

Pelister: “Chemistry Technology Center will be a solution to the certification problem of the medical sector”

Pointing out that it is of great importance to produce high-value-added, high-tech products for the medical sector, which increases its exports every year, Pelister said, “We will also include the medical sector in our Chemistry Technology Center, which we plan to start operating this year. KTM will be the solution to the certification, which is one of the problems of the medical industry and required in MDR/IVDR processes. When we look at the last 5 years of exports of the sector, medical exports increased from 516,3 million dollars to 2021 billion dollars in 1,31. In 2021, we exported the sector mostly to Germany, Iraq, Slovenia, USA and China. Exports to the first 2021 countries in 5 constitute 30 percent of the total exports in the sector.

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