Temsa's Electric Buses are in France!

Temsa's Electric Buses are in France!
Temsa's Electric Buses are in France!

Electric vehicles of TEMSA, which is among the strongest players in the French market with over 5 thousand vehicles delivered to date, hit the roads in the region. Within the scope of the demo program started, 3 MD9 electriCITY model vehicles were delivered to UTP, one of the important operators of the region. It is aimed to increase the number of vehicles that will contribute to the 'Smart Cities' vision with the goal of zero emissions in the region in the coming period.

Operating with the partnership of Sabancı Holding and PPF Group (Skoda Transportation), TEMSA strengthens its position in the French market. Delivering more than 5 thousand vehicles to France to date; Having established its own distribution and service network organization in the region in the past years, the company introduced its own electric vehicles to the market. MD9 electriCITY model electric vehicles, which were demoed in many cities of the world, were also introduced in France. 3 MD9 electriCITY, whose demo rides were started upon request from the region, were delivered to UTP, one of the largest operator companies in France. The vehicles, which are intended to make significant contributions to environmentally friendly transportation, will serve in the Southern France region.


Pointing out that MD9 electriCITY is one of the concrete examples of TEMSA's vision for the future, TEMSA France General Director Serkan Uzunay said, “Today, one of the biggest challenges in public transportation trends in the world is to combine environmentalist features with comfort and safety; to offer this to customers as cost-effectively as possible. Our biggest goal is to contribute to the future of public transportation with MD9 electriCITY, which we developed with this vision. In this context, we are very proud of the positive feedback we receive from our vehicles that we have delivered to all over the world.

On this long road, one of our stops was France, which is among our most important foreign markets. As of today, we have more than 5 thousand TEMSA branded vehicles on the roads of France. We have delivered 3 electric vehicles, which will befit the vision of the city, to one of our valuable business partners, UTP. In line with the demands and expectations in the region, we will also carry out our new deliveries in the coming period.”


TEMSA, which participated in Autocar Expo, one of the world's most important organizations in the field of buses, with its 3 vehicles, attracted great attention at the fair. MD9 electriCITY, TEMSA's electric bus, which made its debut in France for the first time, was one of the most striking vehicles of the fair with its environmentally friendly technology and comfort.


MD9 electriCITY, which is aimed to make a significant contribution to environmentally friendly transportation, offers an accessible and safe transportation solution with equipment compatible with European Union norms and passenger information equipment integrated into the transportation system. With its programmable regeneration feature, MD9 electriCITY also allows the vehicle to make maximum use of its battery capacity by generating electricity during the journey. The vehicle, which can accommodate up to 30+2 people with its high passenger capacity and has 3 different charging options, can be charged in 2 hours. The 9-meter-long environmentally friendly bus with zero carbon emissions also bears the traces of the latest technology that is quiet, comfortable and high-performance.

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