8 March International Women's Day Message from TCDD Transportation General Manager Pezük

Pezuk, General Manager of TCDD Transport
Pezuk, General Manager of TCDD Transport

While women, who make up half of the world's population of eight billion, do not have equal rights in many countries, Turkish women have achieved great success as equal individuals in every field, thanks to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's principles that aim to bring women to the fore in the social, political and economic fields.

Based on the fact that societies that ignore women will remain incomplete and unfinished, Turkish women, who are members of a belief that puts Heaven under the feet of mothers, and a civilization that accepts men and women as two sides of a coin, set an example for women of the world with the opportunities and successes they have achieved in many fields from art to science.

In the railway market, we are building the railway of the future together with our female employees in many professions such as machinists, civil servants, managers, dispatchers, train dispatchers, workers, stewardesses and many more.

Our women, who add value to the TCDD Transportation family, which transports 200 thousand tons of cargo and 91 thousand passengers with 540 freight trains per day, are our most important assurance in our march to the future.

We commemorate all our heroic women, especially Şerife Bacı, Halide Corporal, Halime Sergeant, Nezahat Corporal, Gang Emir Ayşe, Fatma Seher Erden, Gördesli Makbule, Tayyar Rahmiye, who gifted this beautiful country to us on the "8 March International Women's Day", with mercy and gratitude. I remember.

I respectfully greet all our women, who sacrifice their lives for the sake of their country, their children, spouses, fathers and brothers, who they love dearly, and especially my railroad colleagues.

Happy 8 March International Women's Day.

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