Symptoms and Treatment of Fatty Liver

Symptoms and Treatment of Fatty Liver
Symptoms and Treatment of Fatty Liver

Excessive alcohol consumption triggers fatty liver, which is characterized as the accumulation of more fat in the liver than it should be. In addition to alcohol and tobacco use, insulin resistance, obesity and diabetes also increase the risk of fatty liver. Fatty liver, which is frequently seen between the ages of 40-60, may occur at earlier ages. It is of great importance to take precautions in the early period against fatty liver disease, which can manifest itself with symptoms such as yellow skin tone, swelling of the legs and abdomen. Associate Professor from the Department of Gastroenterology at Memorial Diyarbakir Hospital. Dr. Nurettin Tunç gave information about fatty liver.

Occurs in 10 in XNUMX people

The liver, whose main function is to remove toxins and process food, is known as the largest internal organ of the body and the organ that has the ability to renew itself every 6 months. Although the incidence of fatty liver in the community is not certain, it is thought to be seen in one out of every 10 people. The condition, which is called jaundice or hepatitis among the people, is seen due to liver inflammation and fatty liver. Fatty liver is frequently seen in patients with hyperlipidemia, that is, high cholesterol levels, insulin resistance and obesity.

Pay attention to the fat around the waist!

Fat around the waist negatively affects the liver, especially the heart, which is one of the vital organs. Insidious liver inflammation often does not show any symptoms. Some drugs and toxins can cause fatty liver. Therefore, drugs should not be taken without the supervision and approval of a physician. Rarely, people with fatigue, weakness and vague discomfort in the right upper abdomen present with nonalcoholic fatty liver. In case of fatty liver, the liver works in its normal routine and no symptoms are seen. However, fatty liver can progress to liver failure and liver cancer. The symptoms of fatty liver can be listed as follows;

  • yellow skin tone,
  • leg swelling
  • abdominal swelling,
  • Nausea,
  • Anorexia,
  • Fatigue
  • mental confusion,
  • Abdominal pain

Mediterranean diet is recommended

The most serious complication of fatty liver is known as liver cirrhosis. Fatty liver, which requires treatment in the early period, progresses over time, increasing the possibility of developing cirrhosis due to age and diabetes factors. Fatty liver often progresses with metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome also carries a high risk for heart disease and heart attack. Weight loss with the support of a specialist physician in this ailment; Recovery can be achieved by controlling conditions such as obesity, insulin resistance and hyperlipidemia. A Mediterranean type of diet is recommended for fatty liver. The Mediterranean type of diet, which emphasizes the consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, grains and healthy fats, reduces the risk of fatty liver and ensures that the rich protein, vitamins and minerals that the body needs are met through certain foods. It is possible to reduce and protect the risk of fatty liver with a change in diet and regular exercises.

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