STM's Studies in Computer Vision and the KERKES Project

STM's Studies in Computer Vision and the KERKES Project
STM's Studies in Computer Vision and the KERKES Project

STM; It provides algorithms and software solutions on all kinds of images taken from fixed and moving cameras, especially in Kargu, Alpagu, Togan, Boyga projects. The company continues its research on research topics that can create additional value. One of the most important R&D studies of this kind stands out as the KERKES Project.

Topics that add value within the scope of the KERKES Project are the matching of images taken from fixed and rotary wing UAVs with satellite images and orthophoto images, and navigation in environments where GPS cannot be used. In addition; Landmark recognition methods are also being developed in research studies to find an alternative solution to the navigation problem without GPS. Within the scope of these studies, deep learning-based approaches are used as well as classical computer vision approaches.

STM and Computer Vision

One of the most important sources of information for living things is the ability to see. One of the most important functions that ensure survival is to obtain information by adding intelligence to this vision ability. STM aims to add intelligence and extract information from images taken from various image sources by applying its inspiration from nature to engineering solutions. STM Computer Vision Group Leadership's areas of expertise include Computer Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

STM's studies in the field of Computer Vision are as follows:

  • Position Detection with Aerial Photo (Visual Navigation based on Aerial Photo)
  • Position Detection with Orthophoto (Visual Navigation based on Orthophoto)
  • Landmark Recognition
  • Stabilization
  • Image Stitching
  • Object Detection
  • Object Tracking
  • Moving Object Detection
  • Autonomous Landing with Image Processing
  • Vision through Fog and Haze
  • Indoor/Outdoor Mapping Studies (SLAM)

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