Scholarship Support for Students Starts in Bursa

Scholarship Support for Students Starts in Bursa
Scholarship Support for Students Starts in Bursa

📩 04/03/2022 12:34

Realizing a first in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality is starting to give a monthly scholarship of 500 TL to university students with the cooperative it has established. The project will be expanded to include students who will receive vocational and technical high school education in the next academic year.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has realized important investments in every level of education, from pre-school education to lifelong learning with BUSMEK, with its Maternal Education Centers, has realized another project that can be a model for Turkey, by realizing a first in Bursa. The Metropolitan Municipality, which provides great facilities especially to university students with free university preparation courses, preference consultancy services, solutions to the housing problem, discounts in water and transportation prices, youth centers and nation's cafes, will now support university students and their families economically by giving scholarships. Having completed all kinds of legal work on this subject, the Metropolitan Municipality established the Limited Liability Bursa Development and Education Cooperative, whose short name is 'BURSKOOP', after preparations that took about 1 year. BURSKOOP, which was registered with the Bursa Trade Registry Provincial Directorate in October last year, will provide scholarships of 4 TL each to university students for 500 months as of this month. With the new education period, the annual scholarship support will continue for 8 months and it is aimed to benefit 3 thousand students from the project in the first place. Children of families residing in Bursa will be able to benefit from the scholarship support. Students who want to receive scholarship support can apply online at

Sample project

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş announced the project, which is a first in Bursa and will be a model for Turkey, at a press conference held at Atatürk Congress and Culture Center. Bursa Technical University Rector Prof. Dr. Arif Karademir, Provincial Director of National Education Serkan Gür, Provincial Director of Commerce İsmail Aslanlar, Chief Inspector of the Ministry of Commerce Yusuf Üstün, AK Party Bursa Provincial Vice President Nureddin Arif Kurtulmuşlar and high school and university students attended. Stating that young people are the guarantee of the future and that it is possible to care about the future only with the value given to young people, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş reminded that until 2009, the municipalities gave scholarships, but the practice was banned by the decision of the Council of State after the CHP brought the issue to the judiciary. Reminding that they have been supporting individual students in terms of scholarships since that day, but they continue to work to bring the issue to an institutional structure, President Aktaş said, “The issue of scholarship has never been on your agenda. We saw that we could solve this issue under the roof of a cooperative. We realized a first in Bursa. We are the first education cooperative to offer scholarships. With this cooperative, we will contribute to the educational needs of our young people from Bursa who are studying at the university.”

Good news of scholarship for high school students

Expressing that the application has reached the second half of this education period, therefore, 4 months of scholarships will be given to cover the months of March - April - May and June, President Aktaş emphasized that the scholarships will be given for 8 months to cover both periods in the next education period. Expressing that this way, a student will be provided with a scholarship of 4 thousand TL per year, President Aktaş noted that 3 thousand students will benefit from the scholarship support, and this number may increase depending on the situation. Giving the good news of scholarship to high school students in his speech, President Aktaş said, “We will include vocational high school students in the upcoming period, in the project that will include university students in the first place. We also talked to our industrialists on this issue. We will provide support for students who prefer the departments that the industry needs. In this regard, we continue to work on the determination of the departments that will receive scholarship support. In addition, our talks with our philanthropists continue. They will make an important contribution to the process. Our municipal affiliates will be in the process. We will also share the figures transparently with the public. All the needs for the secretariat operations of the cooperative will be met by our municipality. Therefore, every donation will be given to our students, down to the last penny. I expect the support of our benefactors to the cooperative and wish our cooperative to be beneficial”.

Commerce Provincial Director İsmail Aslanlar also said that there are 358 cooperatives in Bursa, out of 3 education cooperatives, only BURSKOOP gives scholarships to its students, which is a first in Bursa in this sense. Reminding that they were in the process during the establishment phase, Aslanlar added that they, as the Ministry, would give their best support for BURSKOOP to be successful.

Provincial Director of National Education Serkan Gür stated that it is very pleasing to include high school students in the project and said, “If vocational and technical education gets stronger in Turkey, production gets stronger and Turkey gets stronger. Therefore, the strengthening of the student studying at the vocational high school will mean the strengthening of Turkey. Our Metropolitan Municipality breaks new ground in Turkey and provides scholarships for vocational and technical education. I would like to thank our President for this support," he said.

Bursa Technical University Rector Prof. Dr. Arif Karademir, on the other hand, stated that Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has now crowned the support it has provided to education by giving scholarships, and thanked Mayor Aktaş, who brought the project to life.

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