Rational and Technological Solutions for Industrial Fire Fighting

Rational and Technological Solutions for Industrial Fire Fighting
Rational and Technological Solutions for Industrial Fire Fighting

As the industry leader in industrial fire and firefighting services, Falckon offers integrated solutions covering "fire fighting service", "fire training" and "fire risk elimination activities" for industrial establishments in hazardous and very dangerous classes. Providing services to the Turkish industry, Falckon minimizes the loss of production, customers and reputation for companies with the rational and technological measures it has developed.

As the industry leader in industrial fire and firefighting services, Falckon adds value to companies by contributing to the operations of companies in the field of industrial firefighting. The company, which closed the last year with a significant growth, took part in many projects and provided employment opportunities to many firefighting professionals. Falckon has carried its network structure out of Turkey by providing training for thousands of national and international company employees. Providing service in the field of fire safety with a total of 250 firefighters, Falckon provides the measures to be taken against fire with special solutions for facilities and production centers.

Damages are measured in millions of dollars

Pointing out that the damage costs of fires in industrial facilities are measured in millions of dollars, Falckon General Manager Anıl Yamaner said, “Loss of life is a very different dimension. Sometimes even if you do not lose the factory, when a production line becomes inoperable for 1-2 days, we are not only talking about losses of millions of dollars, but also about the crises that will affect companies greatly and for a long time, such as loss of production, loss of customers and loss of reputation,'' he said.

Intervention errors in the growth of fires

Noting that Falckon performs crime scene investigation and fire root cause analysis for every minor incident that occurs in the facilities it serves, Yamaner continued: "The apparent causes are mostly hot works, electrical ignition of evaporating combustibles, spontaneous combustion of heated oils and hydrocarbons, careless work and there may even be external factors such as lightning strikes or vehicle accidents. When you get to the root cause of the incidents, the lack of procedures or the improper implementation of the procedures are often the main culprits. It may not always be possible to prevent some fires simply by taking precautions. However, its growth is mostly due to intervention errors.”

All equipment is under control with FFC QR code application

Explaining that they attach great importance to R&D investments as a company, Yamaner said, "With our QR code application 'Falckon Fire Commander (FFC)', which we developed with our own engineers, the systems that we monitor and are sure of are working correctly in a real event, whether they are ready or not. we can see easily. With our FFC QR code application, we can control equipment in a very short time. We can see when the equipment is filled and when the next usage date is when we scan the QR code. We can detect a deficiency of the equipment, if any, and we can understand it if it is not used. We can easily take care of it in the next period. The application does not have an example in the world and it still continues to be developed by adding new benefits.

Business continuity should be kept in the main target

Adding that fire fighting is a 'system' job, Anıl Yamaner said, “This system should not be just for showing documents in inspections. The life safety of the employees and the business continuity of the facility should be targeted. The negative effects of a fire on any business cannot be ignored. Current regulations are also not compelling to have professional firefighters in the facilities. It is quite necessary for the continuation of production and the existence of the industry that this should be changed to the status of 'must have it done' rather than 'it should be done'.

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