Osmaniye Pistachio Museum Opened

Osmaniye Pistachio Museum Opened
Osmaniye Pistachio Museum Opened

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank inaugurated the projects financed by the Eastern Mediterranean Development Agency (DOĞAKA).

Minister Varank, within the scope of his programs in the city, visited the Governor's Office and met with Governor Erdinç Yılmaz. Minister Varank, who later visited the AK Party Provincial Presidency, met with the party members here. After his visit, Minister Varank attended the DOĞAKA Osmaniye Projects Opening Ceremony in Fakıuşağı District.

Speaking at the opening of the "Osmaniye Pistachio Museum" financed by DOĞAKA, Minister Varank said that they are trying to bring the most appropriate investments to the potential of the cities, together with local stakeholders, with development agencies and regional development administrations.

Stating that Osmaniye is known as the “capital of pistachio”, Varank said, “We have built our museum together with our governorship in order to bring a new destination and artifacts to this city, which is related to the better promotion and symbolization of pistachio. From now on, every citizen and tourist coming to Osmaniye will visit this place and get information about peanuts. In this sense, we bring a new movement to the city.” he said.

Minister Varank wished the museum to be beneficial and cut the ribbon with Osmaniye Governor Erdinç Yılmaz, AK Party Osmaniye deputies Mücahit Durmuşoğlu and İsmail Kaya, DOĞAKA Deputy Secretary General Oğuz Alibekiroğlu and other interests.

Minister Varank, who visited the museum after its opening, received information from the relevant people.


Aiming to increase the tourism potential of Osmaniye, the Peanuts Museum was built on a plot of 2 square meters, owned by the Special Provincial Administration.

The museum, which draws attention with its technological infrastructure and peanut-shaped architectural structure, and which was completed in two years and cost 4 million liras, includes moving wax sculptures, visuals depicting the development of peanut farming in the world and the region, a mini cafeteria for its guests to relax and have a good time, and product sales stands.

Osmaniye Commodity Exchange, Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry are the stakeholders of the project, and the museum, which was built with the aim of becoming the symbolic structure of the city, will be operated by the Special Provincial Administration.

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