New Skoda Fabia Launched in Turkey

New Skoda Fabia Launched in Turkey
New Skoda Fabia Launched in Turkey

ŠKODA launched the fourth generation FABIA model, which has become larger, more technological and more dynamic, in Turkey. FABIA, which is one of the most admired models of its class in our country, took its place in ŠKODA showrooms with prices starting from 379.900 TL special for the launch. FABIA, which has become more assertive with each passing generation, stands out as the widest car in its class with its new generation, while at the same time it draws attention with its increased comfort features and high driving dynamics.

“FABIA will enable us to create a new customer portfolio”

Yüce Auto-ŠKODA General Manager Zafer Başar, who made a speech at the press conference of the new model, stated that they were excited about the arrival of FABIA and said, “FABIA, one of the most admired models of its class in our country, is offered for sale in our showrooms. With the arrival of FABIA, our representation rate in the market increased to 92.8 percent. We only have electric models left. They will join us in 2024, and until then, our entire dealership will have formed its infrastructure. In short, we can say that we have vehicles in every segment today. As ŠKODA, every new model we introduce to the market takes the brand's point in design, hardware and technology one step further. We believe that FABIA will introduce our brand to many customers for the first time in the B segment, which is a very important class in Turkey. The customer portfolio of the third generation of FABIA, which went on sale in 2014, was 3 years old. We expect the 39,5-generation FABIA to bring the average age to 4-35 with its outstanding features and driving dynamics.”

“30 percent of our customers are women”

Başar” With the creation of a new product range in 2018, we have seen major changes in our customer identity. Our average customer age dropped by 5 years, to 42. The new ŠKODA concept appeals to a younger population. Until 2018, 25 percent of our customers were women. Today it has reached 30 percent. We have become a brand loved by women and preferred by white collars. Our individual customers play an important role in our growth. That's why we are trying to keep our fleet sales around 25 percent of our total sales," he said.

“It is very difficult to forecast the market”

Stating that the Ukraine-Russia war, which took place after the chip crisis that emerged with the pandemic, also caused many components to be unavailable in automotive production, Zafer Başar said, “After the production interruption of a factory where we supply wiring harnesses, there have been major changes in vehicle production plans. Until now, the customer, economy or political conjuncture was followed while predicting the market. But technical problems from the factory would never be a criterion for us when forecasting the market. We used to plan that enough vehicles would come and we would sell them. However, information comes from the factory and we act in line with that information. Explaining the 2022 targets of ŠKODA, Başar said, “We have a sales target of over 2022 thousand vehicles in 25. In FABIA, on the other hand, we were planning to sell at least 6 thousand units if there was a production under normal conditions. However, we are targeting FABIA sales, which will constitute 10 percent of our total sales for the current period. Our target in 2021 was to sell 40 thousand vehicles and we achieved this pace in the first 6 months. Our goal this year was to sell 50 thousand vehicles. Our product range allowed this. We will reach this figure eventually, but the supply problem must be eliminated.”

New FABIA: Bigger and more eye-catching

ŠKODA FABIA has succeeded in taking its remarkable design further in the new generation. Making the current ŠKODA design language more dynamic with athletic proportions, FABIA combined it with sophisticated details. Aerodynamically optimized wheels, aerodynamic mirrors and active adjustable cooling louvers ensure a new record in its class with a wind resistance coefficient of 0.28 cd. The front part of the new dynamically designed FABIA is dominated by sharp and narrow headlights along with the eye-catching hexagonal grille. In addition, the two-piece taillight group design extending to the tailgate makes the rear of the New ŠKODA FABIA visually wider and more impressive. Switching to the modular MQB-A0 platform, the new FABIA is improved in every respect over the previous generation. Although its weight remains almost the same, the FABIA is 4,108 mm longer than the previous generation at 111 mm and stands out as the first FABIA to exceed four meters in length. With a wheelbase of 94 mm, an increase of 2,552 mm compared to the previous generation, the width of the FABIA increased by 48 mm to 1,780 mm. At the same time, the new FABIA was designed 8 mm lower. The enlarged external dimensions also provided a large expansion in the living space. At the same time, ŠKODA increased the already ambitious FABIA luggage volume by 50 liters to 380 liters and continued its claim to offer the largest luggage volume in its class. When the rear seats are folded, the trunk volume increases to 1,190 liters.

High technology and functionality in the cabin

The cabin of the new ŠKODA FABIA has also become wider with its growing exterior dimensions. Offering more comfort features, FABIA has achieved a perfect balance between emotional design and ergonomics. ŠKODA's existing interior design concept has been retained, while new color themes and the free-standing infotainment display have been adapted. Larger air ducts and FABIA letters positioned on the sides of the indicators draw attention as visual touches. However, the new FABIA adds to its appeal with the stylish two-spoke steering wheel that ŠKODA offers on its latest models. The 82 mm wheelbase, which has been increased in the FABIA compared to the previous generation, has increased the living space even more, especially for the rear passengers. The 2,552 mm wheelbase even surpasses the first generation ŠKODA OCTAVIA introduced in 1996. The stylish cabin design of the new ŠKODA FABIA also includes high functionality with 16 storage compartments. Total storage capacity is 108 liters, including two cup holders for rear passengers and spaces under the center armrest. This makes the FABIA an indispensable companion for daily driving and long journeys.

More “Smart Solutions”

The new FABIA continues to combine its spacious interior with the brand's indispensable "Simply Clever" solutions. Numerous practical solutions that make daily life easier and increase driving pleasure also increase the functionality of the car to the next level. In addition to details such as an ice scraper with a tire depth gauge on the fuel tank cap, a ŠKODA classic, a parking ticket holder on the A-pillar, an umbrella inside the driver's door, there are also completely new Simply Clever features. Folding front passenger seat, two smartphone storage compartments behind the front passenger seats, multi-functional storage pocket, USB-C port in the interior rear view mirror, flexible and folding compartments in the trunk, reading lamp at the rear, removable cup holder between the front seats, smartphone storage compartments stands out as features that increase usability, such as Offered in Turkey with two trim levels The fourth generation FABIA was offered for sale in Turkey with two different trim levels. Accordingly, FABIA has two hardware levels that exceed expectations, Elite and Premium. The entry-level Elite equipment stands out with equipment such as 6 airbags, Front Area Braking Assistant, High Beam Assistant, keyless start, 6.5-inch touchscreen multimedia screen, Smartlink, 15-inch wheels and Bi-LED headlights. In addition, in the FABIA Premium equipment level, 8 inch touch screen, 6 speakers, ŠKODA Surround system, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, 15 inch alloy wheels, ambient lighting, chrome glass decor, front seats with height and lumbar support, front fog lights and visually supported rear equipment such as parking distance sensors. New FABIA, optional Keyless Entry

The system can also be preferred with design, safety and comfort-oriented equipment such as a 10,25'' digital instrument panel, 18'' wheel options, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Change Assistant. Along with all these features, the new FABIA offers high quality, high functionality, many Simply Clever features and comfort together as the entry-level model of the ŠKODA brand.

A special series with Color Concept

The new FABIA can be made more special with the Color Concept option. Body colors that can be combined with two different colors allow the car to be more stylish and personalized. When choosing Color Concept Black or Color Concept Gray, the body color, roof, A-pillar, mirror caps and wheels come in the preferred Color Concept color. In this special version, colored wheels can also be preferred as 17 inches, thus supporting the dynamic stance of the car.

Two engine three power options alternative in the new FABIA

FABIA offers 1,0 TSI engine option with low consumption fuel consumption with two different power outputs. The 95 PS version has a 5-speed manual transmission and produces 175 NM torque. This version stands out with its claim to offer high driving pleasure by revealing a dynamic driving character compared to naturally aspirated engines. The top version of the 7 TSI engine, which can only be preferred with a 1,0-speed DSG gearbox, produces 110 PS power and 200 Nm torque. Completing 0-100 km/h acceleration in 9,9 seconds, this unit also displays assertive values ​​in terms of efficiency by consuming an average of 100 liters of fuel per 4,6 km.

FABIA does not compromise on safety with new technologies

Being built on the modular MQB-A0 platform, the new FABIA takes the standards further with its active and passive safety features. In addition to 6 airbags offered as standard in all equipment, systems that proactively protect the car against dangerous situations such as Front Brake Assist and High Beam Assistant are also included in the standard equipment. They stand out as systems suitable for FABIA's technological infrastructure. FABIA, which proved to be one of the safest vehicles in its class by receiving 5 stars in the crash tests carried out by the independent test organization Euro NCAP, took its success even further. The MQB-A80 platform, which consists of 0 percent high-strength steel components, also increases safety by ensuring FABIA's high resistance to possible impacts.

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