Minister Akar Attended SAT and SAS Specialization Courses Diploma Ceremony

Minister Akar Attended SAT and SAS Specialization Courses Diploma Ceremony
Minister Akar Attended SAT and SAS Specialization Courses Diploma Ceremony

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar attended the SAT and SAS Specialization Courses Diploma Ceremony with Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler and Naval Forces Commander Admiral Adnan Özbal.

Speaking at the ceremony, which started with a moment of silence at the SAT Command and the singing of the National Anthem, Minister Akar congratulated the personnel who successfully completed the course.

Minister Akar, expressing the pride of the SAT and SAS personnel, as well as all TAF personnel, for the tasks they have accomplished with great success, said, "Whether it is Special Forces, commandos or SAT, SAS specialization courses, these courses are the private field in the Turkish Armed Forces. Therefore, I congratulate myself once again for these achievements of my friends.” he said.

Noting that the courses in question include not only physical abilities, but also intellectual, mental and even emotional control, Minister Akar said, “The operational areas of some elements of our Naval Forces, SATs, SAS, and marines are not just the sea. In the internal security operation, they are carrying out their duties with great success in the north of Iraq and in the north of Syria, shoulder to shoulder with their comrades in the Land Forces, with one fist and one heart.” said.

Giving examples of the successful tasks performed by the SATs, Minister Akar said, “They have successfully fulfilled their duties for the protection of our rights, relevance and interests at sea for our country and nation. I'm sure they will do it in the future, if necessary." used the expressions.

Pointing out that the region is going through a very sensitive period and that there are serious uncertainties, risks and threats, Minister Akar said:

“We have to be prepared for them in every way. In order to protect the rights and laws of our country and nation, we have the obligation to always be ready for duty for the security of our borders, homeland, skies and seas. As the Turkish Armed Forces, we have done everything we need to do for our sovereignty, independence and survival, and from now on, 'If we die, we are martyrs, if we remain veterans!' We will continue to do it with the understanding.”


Commenting on Russia's attacks on Ukraine, Minister Akar said:

“As Atatürk said, we say 'Peace at home, peace in the world'. We want peace. We are in favor of solving problems through peaceful means and methods within the framework of dialogue and good neighborly relations. We strive for this. In this context, we follow the developments in Ukraine with sadness and concern. The humanitarian crisis that has arisen here, the deaths that have occurred are truly unacceptable. We have relations with both Russia and Ukraine. By maintaining these relations, we, as the Republic of Turkey, continue our contacts at all levels, starting with our President, day and night, in order for a ceasefire, stability, peace and tranquility to emerge as soon as possible, and to resolve the problems between the two countries through negotiations.”

Stating that Turkey respects the borders and sovereign rights of all countries, Minister Akar said:

“In this sense, we have said and continue to say that we respect Ukraine's territorial integrity, sovereignty and rights. Everything that needs to be done to bring peace and stability to the region as soon as possible, continues to be done. We are in favor of common sense to prevail and mutual dialogue to develop as soon as possible. The loss of lives of innocent, civilian people there, especially children, is a source of deep sadness for us.”

Emphasizing the security of Turkish citizens in Ukraine, Minister Akar said:

“The safety of our citizens there and their evacuation to our country as soon as possible is very important. Of course, we are in favor of a ceasefire as soon as possible so that all these can be done. We emphasize in our meetings with all segments that there is an urgent need for a ceasefire to meet urgent needs, even for a certain period of time. Under the leadership of our President, we continue our efforts to ensure a ceasefire as soon as possible and stability after the ceasefire, by making both diplomatic and political initiatives within the framework of his work."


Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler congratulated the personnel who successfully completed the specialization courses.
Asking the SAT and SAS personnel, who are entitled to wear their badges, to constantly improve themselves, move the boundaries of serving the country further and be ready for duty at any time for the defense of the homeland, General Güler congratulates you on your new duties and wishes that your horizons are as wide as the blues and your successes are permanent in your professional life that awaits you. I wish." said.

Admiral Adnan Özbal, Commander of the Naval Forces, stated that they have recently accelerated the training of specialized SAT and SAS personnel, which are very valuable for the Naval Forces.

Admiral Özbal stated that the personnel who successfully completed the course completed a difficult training process and said, “Equipped with physical abilities and vital information, they have become the fearless commandos of the underwater. They were trained as if they were fighting, experiencing the conditions of a war or real operational environment. used the phrase.

Addressing the staff, Admiral Özbal said:

“When necessary, you will work in very different geographies and under very difficult conditions when expectations from you will be extremely high. The fate of an operation will be in your hands, your unwavering will. You will infiltrate places called 'no entry', destroy the most protected targets, interfere with the explosive with your courage and composure, and you will achieve what everyone says is impossible.”

SAT Commander Rear Admiral Ercan Kireçtepe started his speech by saying "Welcome aboard" to the personnel who successfully completed the course.

Rear Admiral Kireçtepe, who stated that the graduates came to the SAT and SAS specialization courses as iron-hearted soldiers, said, “We, especially our distinguished teachers, set them on fire, shaped them and gave them water. They were not broken, they were not daunted, they became steel, they joined us as our friends with steel hearts and steel wrists.” he said.

Rear Admiral Kireçtepe, stating that the TAF continues its struggle against threats against the integrity of its homeland and its nation, both at home and abroad, said, “We have always been the sharp end of the arrow shot and the sharp side of the sword that was shot in the duties we performed within the TAF, and we will continue to be.” said.

After the speeches, the diplomas and badges of the trainees who ranked high were given by Minister Akar, General Güler and Admiral Özbal.

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