Mine Hunting Ships Deployed to the Bosphorus

Mine Hunting Ships Deployed to the Bosphorus
Mine Hunting Ships Deployed to the Bosphorus

📩 27/03/2022 11:10

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar made examinations and inspections at the Qatar Turkish Combined Joint Force Command in Doha, the capital of Qatar, where he came as part of an official visit.

After his investigations, Minister Akar answered the journalists' question about the "mine-like object found off the Bosphorus," and said:

“In the morning, information came from a commercial ship off the Bosphorus that a 'mine-like object was seen'. Our elements were already carrying out intensive patrols and duties in those regions. Our SAS team was quickly transferred to the area. After the object in question was determined to be a mine, it was withdrawn to a safe area.

The mine, which was determined to be an old type as a result of the investigation, was neutralized by our SAS team. We talked to both Russian and Ukrainian authorities about the issue. Our coordination continues.

Necessary coordination was made with the Coast Guard and other relevant institutions and organizations, in particular our Naval Forces, in order to ensure the safe continuation of maritime traffic. Necessary measures have been taken. Maritime traffic continues safely. The floating and flying elements of our Navy are vigilantly following the activities and continuing their work.”

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