Mercedes-Benz Türk R&D Centers Work for a Sustainable World with Their Projects

Mercedes-Benz Türk R&D Centers Work for a Sustainable World with Their Projects
Mercedes-Benz Türk R&D Centers Work for a Sustainable World with Their Projects

Hosting the R&D Centers in Aksaray and Hoşdere factories and the few R&D Centers of Daimler Truck in the world, Mercedes-Benz Türk is among the companies that export the most services in Turkey with its activities in this field. Istanbul R&D Center, which was put into operation within the Hoşdere Bus Factory, received the R&D Center Certificate for the first time in 2009. Mercedes-Benz Türk, which has started R&D studies in bus and truck product groups since this date, accelerated its work on the truck product group with the R&D Center it established in Aksaray in 2018.

Mercedes-Benz Turk made 8 patent applications in 509 years

Mercedes-Benz Turkish Truck and Bus R&D teams continue their R&D and innovation studies without slowing down. In 2021, Mercedes-Benz Türk Trucks R&D team applied for a total of 78 patents, of which 92 and Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus R&D team, 170. The company made a total of 2014 patent applications during the 2021-year period covering the 8-509 period.

Continuing to participate in Horizon Europe program

Within the framework of the Horizon2020 program, Mercedes-Benz Türk, which was accepted to the Grant Program four times with its RECOTRANS, DECOAT, VOJEXT, ALBATROSS projects, applied to the Horizon Europe program with the FAMILIAR project. The "Ninth Framework Program" or Horizon Europe, the European Union's 95,5 billion Euro R&D support program, aims to support science and innovation activities.

FAMILIAR, the project of Mercedes-Benz Türk within the scope of Horizon Europe, is carried out with the contributions of 3 partners from Turkey. Thanks to the artificial intelligence model used in the FAMILIAR project, it is aimed to reduce physical tests. This will reduce CO2 emissions and other waste.

Within the scope of this project, it is aimed to reduce the errors experienced over the years in the parts designed and manufactured for use in existing heavy class commercial vehicles, which can be verified by physical tests, mostly in large numbers of vehicle sizes, and thus to improve the quality of the parts.

Continuing development work on environmentally friendly technology and materials

Mercedes-Benz Turk works with institutes, suppliers and raw material producers on nature-friendly technologies to design sustainable transportation. In this context, the company continues to carry out R&D activities in order to use the raw materials obtained from the recycling of food, paper, dirty plastics, packaging and organic wastes in serial parts without sacrificing quality.

Acting with the awareness of the great role that recycled raw materials play in contributing to sustainability and circular economy, Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus R&D teams prioritize important engineering studies in terms of technical feasibility, manufacturing and quality processes of these raw materials. It also ensures compliance under rigorous testing conditions before bringing the product to the customer.

Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus R&D teams, which continue their R&D studies for the usability of sustainable recycled materials in the automotive industry, produced the rear bumper of the Mercedes-Benz Intouro model from the raw material obtained by recycling household waste as the first trial pilot product. The use of the acquired knowledge in different parts of the vehicles is also seen as one of the prominent benefits of the project.

Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus R&D teams plan to reduce the carbon footprint in serial products, reduce costs and contribute more to the circular economy by developing products with reduced carbon footprints through sustainability projects. With the increase in the variety of products to be used, it is aimed to increase the savings to be obtained.

Mercedes-Benz Turkish Bus Development Body Director Dr. Zeynep Gul Husband; “Our Istanbul R&D Center, which has competencies in a wide variety of fields, occupies a very important position within the global network of our parent company, Daimler Truck. Our biggest responsibility at our Istanbul R&D Center is to prioritize innovation and transformation that provides sustainable solutions for the increasing transportation demand of our society. A good example of this is the exterior design parts we are developing for buses using bio-based plastic raw materials recycled from various wastes. By using these and similar raw materials, we will contribute to the circular economy and sustainability while aiming to reduce the carbon footprint, reduce costs and contribute more to recycling. In addition to all these, we also attach importance to increasing the academic level of our team in order to closely follow up-to-date technologies, new products and scientific developments. While 2 people in our team have doctorate degrees and 71 people have master's degrees, 4 of our friends are continuing their doctorate and 15 of us are continuing their master's education. On the occasion of the 8-14 March Science and Technology Week, we convey our respects to everyone who makes efforts in this field in our country.”

Melikşah Yüksel, Mercedes-Benz Türk Trucks R&D Director; “With our R&D Centers located in Istanbul and Aksaray, we carry out special projects specific to the truck product group. Our R&D Center, which was accepted with different projects within the framework of the Horizon2020 program, which supports the research, development and innovation projects of the European Union, also applied to the Horizon Europe program with the FAMILIAR project. Thanks to the artificial intelligence model used in the FAMILIAR project, we aim to reduce physical tests. In this way, it is a source of pride for us to reduce CO2 emissions and other wastes. With our 2021 new applications in 78, we carried the number of patent applications, which we are increasing day by day, to a new level. As part of the 8-14 March Science and Technology Week, we would like to thank all engineers, software developers and employees in all institutions and organizations who contributed to the strength of Turkey, for their contributions both to our brand and to our country.

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