Mercedes-Benz Turk Invests in Equality

Mercedes-Benz Turk Invests in Equality
Mercedes-Benz Turk Invests in Equality

📩 08/03/2022 13:41

Mercedes-Benz Türk invests in explaining gender equality awareness to the society with its programs that include the principles of equality of opportunity, trust and inclusion for women in every field from recruitment to career opportunities. The company, which carries out important studies on the active participation of women in business life with the social benefit programs it carries out, sets an example for the business world by implementing a corporate culture based on gender equality with its increasing number of female employees.

Mercedes-Benz Turk, with a female ratio of over 2021 percent in office workers in 30, is moving forward in line with the goals of its parent company, Daimler Truck, in terms of female employment. Mercedes-Benz Türk, which has set various targets to ensure gender equality within the company, also monitors the implementation of these targets. The company, which carries out extensive studies within the framework of the "Management of Differences" initiated in 2008; By signing Daimler Truck's “Global Compact” and “Social Responsibility Principles” and publishing the “Code of Conduct”, it has ensured its commitment to gender equality at the highest level.

Employment opportunity for women with Every Girl is a Star

The Every Girl is a Star program, implemented by Mercedes-Benz Türk in 17 by supporting 200 girls in 2004 provinces with the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life (ÇYDD), continues to grow stronger and stronger. In the program, which was initiated with the aim of enabling women to work with men in every field in equal social and economic conditions in Turkey, 200 female students, 1.000 of whom are university students, receive educational scholarships from Mercedes-Benz Türk every year. In addition to educational scholarships, students also participate in various programs designed for their personal and professional development. Students who complete their education with the support of Every Girl is a Star also have the opportunity to be employed at Mercedes-Benz Türk. 20 percent of the blue-collar women working in the company are students who have completed their education with the Every Girl is a Star program.

Support for female engineer candidates

Developing the Women In 4 Mercedes program with the Boğaziçi University Foundation, Mercedes-Benz Türk aims to contribute to the employment of female engineers by supporting successful female engineering students. Within the scope of the program, which started with the granting of education scholarships to female engineering students at Boğaziçi University in 2018, students who meet the scholarship criteria can benefit from this scholarship until they graduate from the preparatory class. In addition to the educational scholarship, various studies are carried out for the development of the scholars. Scholars can benefit from opportunities such as getting to know the company better, accompanying campus events, being included in the intern program, as well as mentoring from company managers and engineers. Thanks to this mentoring, scholarship holders have the opportunity to obtain information that will contribute to their personal development by benefiting from the experiences of managers and engineers.

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