LHD ANADOLU Takes Its First Technical Cruise

LHD ANADOLU Takes Its First Technical Cruise

LHD ANADOLU Takes Its First Technical Cruise

LHD ANADOLU, built by Sedef Shipyard in cooperation with Spanish Navantia, went out of the dock for its first technical cruise. In the test, the status of many subsystems of the ship will be monitored and corrections will be made according to the situation.

President of the Presidency of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. ─░smail Demir, in the Circle of Mind program held on CNN T├╝rk on December 17, 2021, made a statement regarding the delivery of TCG Anadolu to the Naval Forces, and stated that within the scope of TCG Anadolu's construction activities, the finishing works were left and the ship would be delivered by the end of 2022. ─░smail Demir, the targeted calendar; He added that he was affected by the fire that occurred on the ship in 2019, the current working conditions during the pandemic process, and similar reasons.

It is expected that many domestic systems will be used in ANADOLU, which will be the largest ship of the Turkish Navy in terms of tonnage and size when finished. As air power, a version of the ATAK-2 project for naval platforms is being worked on, but it is expected that 10 AH-1W attack helicopters transferred from the Land Forces to the Navy will be deployed on the ship until the project is completed.

It was learned that the mechanized landing craft built for LHD Anadolu was launched, according to the latest information. The testing process continues for FNSS ZAHA. No developments have been announced yet on the unmanned aerial and naval platforms that are expected to be used in the presence of ships.

Source: defenceturk

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