Channel Istanbul Warning From Imamoglu Is A Major Threat

Channel Istanbul Warning From Imamoglu Is A Major Threat

Channel Istanbul Warning From Imamoglu Is A Major Threat

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluPointing out that one of the biggest problems waiting for the city is "Canal Istanbul", "It will bring a 20 percent plus load on the transportation axles. A city of 2-2,5 million people, from water needs to sewerage needs… Such designs never stay on the line where they are drawn. It goes on like a virus. It enters towards the beautiful forests of Çatalca.”

According to the news of Özlem Güvemli from SÖZCÜ; Kabataş-After the first stage of the Mecidiyeköy - Mahmutbey metro line, the second stage of the line Kabataş rails are connected to each other.

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu“On behalf of Istanbul, we are a city that works on 10 metro lines in this difficult time and also prepares the tender processes for our 2 metro lines. First and only in this world. In this context, it is very important for us to continue and bring these works to a conclusion, despite the economic difficulties of our country and the process the world is currently experiencing.”


Stating that the opening date of the Beşiktaş station of the line could not be determined due to the archaeological excavation, İmamoğlu used the following statements:

*The excavation had stopped when we bought it. We started the excavation in 2020, like April or May. KabataşThere is also an excavation work in . It's a lighter process over there. Our guess is that the excavations there will be finished in 4-5 months.

*We will raise Fulya and Yıldız by the end of this year. We will convey our citizen from Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey to both Fulya and Yıldız with a 7-8 minute transfer.

*Due to the uncertainties of the excavation in Beşiktaş, the opening date of our station there, unfortunately, cannot be determined now.

*But KabataşWe're going to move faster. Therefore KabataşWe also want to prepare for 2024.


İmamoğlu also asked the CHP and IYI Party administrators who attended the ceremony to support their fight against Kanal Istanbul.

Pointing out that one of the biggest problems awaiting the city is Kanal Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, “We have investigated, without question, an additional project to a city that threatens our city, makes urbanization wild, feeds almost 20 million active population even under today's conditions, and has a housing reserve and much more reserves than that. The request of the team reserves to join is a gateway to grappling with new problems while trying to find solutions to the existing problems of this city. This is a big problem. "This is a big threat," he said.


Referring to the Montreux Treaty, which came to the fore again due to the Russia-Ukraine war, İmamoğlu said, “At the point where the Montreux Treaty is referred to as 'unnecessary' and so on, we see on the international platform what a historical legacy we actually have left. That's a different dimension of the job," he said.


Emphasizing the impact of Kanal Istanbul on the environment and city life, İmamoğlu said, “The existing transportation axes to Istanbul; in other words, it will bring an additional 20 percent burden to the street, the street and so on. A city of 2-2,5 million people, from water needs to sewerage needs, etc. Such designs never stay on the line where they are drawn. It goes on like a virus. It enters the beautiful forests of Çatalca. Durusu begins to invade the surroundings of that beautiful Terkos. You all know the course of urbanization in Istanbul as well as I do. In this context, I would like to express that we really want and want the high support of both our Republican People's Party and our IYI Party to prevent such threats from being placed in front of the city of Istanbul, which is in search of new projects that solve today's needs," he said.


IYI Party Group Deputy Chairman Dervişoğlu also used the following statements:

* Big cities have big problems. Those big problems can be overcome with big projects. Great minds are also needed to realize big projects.

*Since the day our esteemed IMM President took office, we have been carefully following the positive moves he has made to the areas of Istanbul that are blocked in terms of transportation.

*And we are happy with that too. I am honored to be with you here, as in all your services. I hope we can open it together.

* They emphasized Kanal Istanbul. As both the Republican People's Party and the IYI Party, as the components of the Nation Alliance, we often talk about what Kanal Istanbul will cause in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. I personally do not think that that project will go beyond being a dream.

*I hope that in the future, those in power will show sensitivity and take the necessary steps to eliminate this dream project so that the right steps can be taken for the future of both our country and Istanbul.


CHP Group Deputy Chairman Altay said, “The resources we throw together with Mr. Musavat will take 1000 years, do not be afraid; does not crack, does not explode. We had our youth; our youth turned into energy. We had excitement; Our excitement turned into actions. Being able to construct 10 simultaneous subways at the same time requires compliments. Ingenuity is subject to compliment. We are also having a fast-breaking fast with our Metropolitan Mayor, who really touched not some, not some, not most, but all of the 16 million Istanbulites.”


The first phase of the line, the 18-kilometer section with 15 stations, was put into operation on October 28, 2020.

Since the day it was put into operation, the line, which has achieved an average monthly service availability performance of 99,94 percent, has served 137 successful flights and a total of 326 million passengers have been served.

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