Imamoglu Warns for the Afternoon: 'It Will Snow for Two Days'

Imamoglu Warns for the Afternoon 'It Will Snow for the Whole 2 Days'
Imamoglu Warns for the Afternoon 'It Will Snow for the Whole 2 Days'

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlucontinued his public information about the snowfall, which started 2 days ago and was effective in the city. İmamoğlu made statements in the light of new information at the Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM) in Eyüpsultan. Emphasizing that the meteorological data completely showed them the truth and that they took precautions in this direction, İmamoğlu said, “Today, on Saturday, March 12, the coldest temperature of the last 30 years was measured in the morning. At our Florya Station, 30 years ago, in 2003, -4 was measured; It measured -4,4 four tonight. In other words, we experienced the coldest night of March together. In fact, it was conveyed by my friends that this cold weather is at lower degrees, especially in the northern parts. And even we have been informed that it can go up to -7, -8, and the perceived degrees of this decrease to -15. Therefore, we can say that this is a measurement of how much the weather conditions, described as the Siberian cold, have had a high impact on our city.”


Saying, “We are experiencing the result of Istanbul's preparation for this process in the best way possible, everybody being a stakeholder, everybody's involvement in the process on time, and that 16 million of our citizens from Istanbul at the maximum level accompany it,” İmamoğlu said, adding that no annoying and sad event has happened so far. determined that this was the result of this cooperation process. Emphasizing that one of the most important factors in this success is that the citizens do not go to the traffic unless they have to, İmamoğlu said, “I would like to emphasize that our public transportation also serves our citizens with an intense effort in this sense. We continued the process regarding both our metro and IETT buses in the most efficient way. Our metro transportation continued until 02.00:10 at night. E.g; On March 2, IETT carried 487 million 11 and seven thousand passengers. On March 1, IETT carried 961 million 10 thousand passengers again. Metro, 1 million 514 thousand on March 11; It carried 1 million 539 thousand passengers on March XNUMX”.


In the light of meteorological data, İmamoğlu drew attention to the afternoon today and emphasized that a snowfall is expected as much as all other days in this time period. Saying, "Today, we will experience the heaviest snowfall of all these 4-5-day alarms," ​​İmamoğlu said, "Therefore, one should not go out and drive a car unless it is necessary. Our public transportation service, both IETT and subways, and our City Lines are at your service with the same frequency. In this regard, please continue to use public transport”. Sharing the information that the snow thickness will reach 30 to 50 centimeters in some parts of the city, İmamoğlu warned the citizens against the risks of freezing and icing.


Stating that the school holiday and administrative leave decisions taken by the Istanbul Governor's Office relieved all responsible institutions, İmamoğlu reiterated that the control of trucks also contributed to this relief. Noting that IMM is in the field with 2000 vehicles and nearly 10 thousand personnel, İmamoğlu said, “4 thousand tons of salt has been used in 44 days in total; Let's say that 4 tons of solution is used in 900 days. I would like it to be known that we have stocks for all needs," he said. Stating that since the beginning of the snowfall, 198 thousand food packages and 108 thousand mobile materials have been distributed at the traffic jam points, İmamoğlu shared the following information:

  • Our mobile toilet services continued.
  • 675 homeless citizens were hosted by IMM.
  • Daily 655 tons of dry food with high nutritional value was distributed to stray animals at 2 points.


Reiterating that all measures have been taken within the scope of combating snow, İmamoğlu also repeated his call to citizens to continue their cooperation with them. Stating that the effect of the snow that is currently falling on the dams will begin to be seen after the melting, İmamoğlu said, “I hope; next week, we only talk about the abundance of snow and the beauty it brings to agriculture. I also know that our farmers, who are engaged in agriculture in the nearby region, need this land very much. In this context, I wish the days when we talk about the blessings of the snow. We want to get the result of our good services together with the cooperation of our 16 million citizens and fellow citizens, with all public institutions and organizations, with our governorship, with our Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.


"By the way, I would like to point out one more piece of information," said İmamoğlu and said:

“Unkapani Bridge was talked about a lot yesterday. There was an opening in the connection joints here. At 12.00:17.00 the bridge was closed to traffic. As a result of the investigations, there are no structural problems on the bridge. This floating bridge; Maybe there are people who don't know. The opening part was intervened by the Marine Services Directorate together with the technical teams. Unkapanı Bridge was opened to traffic as of XNUMX by applying tensioning process on the chains here. This is -some organizations write - Unkapani Bridge over the Golden Horn. It has nothing to do with the construction we did on the land side, the section with the overpass. But this is not a structural problem; fixed. We are everywhere; We are on the alert.”

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