Great Action on Bursa's High Speed ​​​​Train Line!

Great Action on Bursa's High Speed ​​​​Train Line!
Great Action on Bursa's High Speed ​​​​Train Line!

CHP Bursa Provincial Presidency is preparing to make a big action regarding the High Speed ​​​​Train, which has turned into a tangle in Bursa. Provincial President Karaca and his team will walk the distance taken in 10 years in 6 hours in the march that will end in Çağlayan Village from Balat.

The subject is the writer of Olay Newspaper. Ahmet Emin Yılmaz moved it to the corner.

Yılmaz used the following statements in his article:

“The sign… on February 28 Olay during his visit, we also “Ismet Karaca will walk in 10 hours what was done in 6 years in high-speed train construction” We announced the title.


CHP Provincial Chairman İsmet Karaca he planned big walk, It will be on Friday, April 1st. Start 'Starting from the groundbreaking area, the first phase Caglayan Village the walk to end at the viaduct Police Department'what was reported.


For various recent events Bursa'or frequent TURKISH GRAND NATIONAL ASSEMBLY'de by fast trains known for its claims and statements CHP Mersin Deputy Ali Mahir Basarir s CHP Ankara Deputy Murat Emir on this great walk With CHP Bursa deputies they will attend together.

Besides the…

CHP Party Assembly from its members Umut Akdogan, Muslim Sari, Hasan Efe Uyar da CHP Provincial Chair İsmet Karaca 'or to accompany you on your walk Bursa'or they will come.

According to planning…

CHP Bursa Friday morning together with Start 'starting from the groundbreaking area in ground consolidation work for high speed train At the end of the first stage of approximately 10 kilometers, the march will continue on the land. Caglayan Viaduct'There will be a press release.

In that statement…

“Here is the value AKP gives to Bursa. In 10 years, only ground tightening was carried out” message will be given.

After that…

As the party organizations leave, Roe and lawmakers continue Karahidir Viaductwhat will they come?

Your walk cut stages reason for doing CHP Provincial Chairman İsmet Karaca he explained as follows:

“There are no studies showing integrity in the field. In some places there are clear distances between the viaduct and the ground. It is not possible to cross them and walk all at once. We will go as far as we can go for him.”

It also gave the following message:

“We are doing a very comprehensive study, starting from the promises made for the high-speed train before the march, to the tenders made and the repayment conditions of the foreign loan received.”

Kemal Demirel is also on the train walk

Bursa'also… From the train, especially CHP'estate walking for the train talking about your action Kemal Demirel'I cannot be remembered.


2002 terms in 2007 and 2 CHP Bursa Deputy elected in 2005 CHP MYK Member one Contact Kemal directly In 2004 Bilecik-Bursa ve Bursa-Ankara with their walks first MP to walk for the train It was.

Nowadays ...

Successfully exiting the fourth chemotherapy process Demirel on Friday, April 1 CHP Provincial Chair İsmet Karaca 'He will join the march.”

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