Gold Advice for Job Seekers

Gold Advice for Job Seekers
Gold Advice for Job Seekers

While the effects of the pandemic process are reflected in every area of ​​our lives, working life has undergone many radical changes from business models to recruitment processes.

In this new normal, in which the job finding process, which is the first and most important step of a successful career, is carried out through online platforms, reliable applications that narrow the focus of candidates, enable them to establish the right connections, offer the best tips for positive interviews and promise "the right job in a short time" come to the fore. output. By using the power of technology, Gizem Yasa, the Founding Partner of 24 Hours Is, who works to transform the recruitment processes without losing the human focus, speed up, reduce costs, and design a process that will make both employee candidates and companies feel valuable, conveyed her recommendations that will highlight job seekers in applications.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the dynamics of competition have changed in every respect. While those who are at the beginning of their professional careers or who are on their way to change jobs have difficulty in where to start in this intense competition, online platforms consisting of experienced recruiters have prepared the ground for better opportunities by offering candidates a fast, cost-effective and reliable application environment. Gizem Yasa, the co-founder of the 24-Hour Job application, which brings candidates and employers together by making the application process, which is the first and most important stage of a successful career, comfortable, listed the golden suggestions that will take job seekers a few steps ahead of the competition:

Know what you want: If you're confused about what you want, at least make it clear what you don't want. Making an application without a target will make you tired and negative results will reduce your motivation. For this reason, making fewer but targeted applications that are suitable for you will make the process easier.

Find the right platform: Be sure to choose the platforms you will apply for a job well and contact reliable applications. One of the most effective ways is to read Google Play and App Store reviews, especially for mobile channels. The interaction of the applications with the users in these channels reveals their approach to their users very clearly. Be sure to read the number of negative comments made on complaints and similar sites, and the company's responses to complaints. Stay away from companies that approach every question in the same way and mechanically with generic answers and give automatic answers.

Express yourself well: When companies look at your profile, they must be convinced of why they want to work with you, a profile that is filled in on arrival makes this process difficult. When you start over 2-3 minutes, your next quest will be much easier. When signing up, enter your profile information properly. Thanks to the algorithm in Job in 24 Hours, suitable jobs are available to candidates. Therefore, a carelessly filled profile can prolong the process of finding the right job.

Use a professional photo: Choose a profile photo suitable for the job search process. Images taken from social media platforms are not correct for the first impression.

Follow the process: After applying, follow the process. Contact the company and explain why you want this job and why you are the right person. You can express yourself by writing a message to the Business System in 24 Hours. Don't be shy, but don't be too pushy either. A fair amount of determination will make your job much easier.

Go to your appointment: You don't have to accept appointments for jobs that you don't find suitable for you, but definitely go to the job interviews you accept. Candidates who do not attend the accepted appointments will lose their scores in practice, and your future job searches will be negatively affected.

Pay attention to your communication style: Pay attention to your communication with companies. Finding a job and recruiting requires effort on both sides. So be careful and sensitive about it. In job interviews, the length of the messaging on the system usually takes a few lines and then the appointment step is started. If the questions get long and enter the personal area, definitely block the user and report it to the application for immediate review.

Ask for help: If you are sure that the company and position you are applying for are suitable for you, you can speed up your process by contacting the platform you are applying for. All such requests received by Job in 24 Hours are responded to and support is provided to facilitate the lives of job seekers and speed up their processes.

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