Full Support from Hyundai to Women Drivers

Full Support from Hyundai to Women Drivers
Full Support from Hyundai to Women Drivers

📩 08/03/2022 12:41

Women have faced many prejudices in traffic for years, and they continue to face it. Hyundai, a rapidly developing automobile brand all over the world, thinks that creating a meaningful resonance for women can only be achieved through effective communication. Hyundai Assan carries out a project with Radyo Traffic by focusing on the concepts of women, traffic and automobiles.

The most important question in the emergence of this important project; “Do the prejudices experienced by women in traffic prevent women from driving?” it happened. Giving the answer to this question as "No", Hyundai Assan and Radio Traffic want to support women to progress on the road as they want, predicting that the number of female drivers is increasing and will continue to increase.

Standing by this determination, Hyundai Assan collaborates with Radio Traffic, Turkey's first and only traffic-themed radio channel, and shares the prejudices faced by women in traffic and their struggle against these prejudices with its audience. Those who wish will be able to listen to the prejudices against women all day by connecting to Radio Traffic on the 8 frequency on Tuesday, March 104.2 and even be able to talk about the prejudices encountered by connecting to the broadcast.

You can access the project promotion video prepared by Hyundai Assan on the official social media channels of the brand and share the content on your own social media channels.

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