Female Petty Officers Don't Leave the Door to Fight Violence

Female Petty Officers Don't Leave the Door to Fight Violence
Female Petty Officers Don't Leave the Door to Fight Violence

In Yozgat, female non-commissioned officers installed the Kades application on the mobile phones of 2 women out of 572 women, whom they raised awareness about domestic violence by visiting village to village.

In Yozgat, two female non-commissioned officers are traveling from village to village to promote the Women's Support (KADES) mobile application, which enables victim women who are or may face violence to reach the security forces with one click.

Gendarmerie Petty Officers Gonca Türel and Saadet Öz, who are in charge of the Provincial Gendarmerie Command, inform women by leaving no door unturned in the villages within the scope of the Strong Family, Safe Future Project supported by the Yozgat Governorship.

Female non-commissioned officers provide information on the importance of family, domestic violence and family relations to their fellows in their homes.

The NCOs, who also met with women in factories, public education centers and Qur'an courses, installed the KADES application on the mobile phones of 2 of the 572 women they reached within the scope of the project that started in June last year.

Reaching 45 villages within the scope of the project, NCOs informed 1311 men about violence against women.

They Tell About Kades Without Saying Snow and Winter

Makbule Taşkıngül (56), who lives in the Divanlı District, said that the Gendarmerie told them about Kades and that the application was installed on her phone.

Taşkıngül stated that female NCOs gave information about preventing violence and what to do in case of being exposed to violence: They asked us to report it with Kades in case of violence or bad situation. I hope not, but when it does, we will ask for help with Kades. he said.

Gülay Lafçı also explained that the Gendarmerie came to their neighborhood for them, and the Female NCOs came and told us about Kades. They asked us to use the Kades application when there is violence in your neighborhood, village or neighbor. God bless you. said.

Rasim Lafçı, on the other hand, stated that the Gendarmerie visited their neighborhoods from house to house and informed the citizens and thanked them.

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