ESO President Kesikbaş Talked About URAYSİM Project

ESO President Kesikbaş Talked About URAYSİM Project
ESO President Kesikbaş Talked About URAYSİM Project

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) President Celalettin Kesikbaş called for the URAYSİM Project, which will provide significant strategic benefits not only for Eskişehir but also for our country, and most importantly, to provide employment and income for tens of thousands of people, not to be hindered.

Kesikbaş noted the following about what the project is and why it should not be opposed;

What is URAYSIM?

The National Rail Systems Test and Research Center (URAYSİM) is a very important and STRATEGIC project that is included in Turkey's 11th Development Plan, the installation works are continuing in Eskişehir, and will save our country from dependence on rail transportation abroad.

Why should URAYSİM not be blocked?

URAYSİM, which will make Eskişehir one of the most attractive centers in Europe for new investments in the railway sector when completed, will provide employment and income for tens of thousands of people. URAYSİM should not be blocked because;

URAYSİM is a SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY Park to be proud of, just as we, as Eskişehir residents, are proud of Sazova Park and Kent Park.

2. Railroading in Eskişehir is an inseparable part of the urban culture. The people of Eskişehir know and love the railway. Eskişehir is the city most deserving of URAYSİM with its railway history and culture of more than a century.

3. In URAYSİM, tests of all kinds of towed and towed vehicles in the railway sector will be possible. Every tested and developed product, their technical know-how and industrial property rights will remain in our country.

4. URAYSİM means SCIENCE. Within the scope of URAYSİM, the graduate and doctorate studies of dozens of research assistants from all fields of engineering science, who will take part in the operation of the center, have been completed abroad and this will continue to increase.

5.URAYSİM means the place where high-speed train sets, new generation locomotives and wagons will be developed and even produced. With the URAYSİM project; First of all, the increasing needs of our cities using TCDD and light rail systems will be met and our country will be able to export both railway vehicles and various components.

6. URAYSİM means TECHNOLOGY. When the URAYSİM project is completed, our country will be the FIRST COUNTRY in Europe with a 400 km long test track where High Speed ​​​​Train tests can be carried out at 52,93 km/h. In addition, conventional diesel and electric locomotives, metro vehicles, trams, wagons and light rail system vehicles will be tested at URAYSİM.

7. URAYSİM means INCOME and EMPLOYMENT. URAYSİM will provide advanced technology services not available in any European country for the testing and certification of high-speed trains. Thus, URAYSİM will make our country one of the most important players in the international market in the field of rail systems. Many international companies operating in the sector together with URAYSİM will create new investments and job opportunities in Eskişehir.

8.URAYSİM is the project that will take Eskişehir to the world league. URAYSİM is a DESIGN and R&D center. It will be the test and development center of railway components produced not only in Eskişehir but also in the whole country. In other words, train sets and vehicles to be tested from all over Turkey and the nearby geography will come to Eskişehir and their certification will be done here.

Important Projects of Our Country in the Field of Rail Systems:

  • Production of 96 YHT sets in the National High Speed ​​​​Train Project
  • Making a new investment of 45 billion dollars in the sector
  • Providing new YHT connection to many cities
  • Increasing the share of railways in freight transportation to 15 percent and in passenger transportation to 10 percent
  • Establishment of railway connections between logistics centers, ports and OIZs
  • Construction of 10 thousand kilometers of new high-speed train network
  • Construction of 5 thousand kilometers of conventional new lines

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