Doruk is Guiding Industrialists by 'Providing the Best Digitalization Solution'!

Doruk is Guiding Industrialists by 'Providing the Best Digitalization Solution'!

Doruk is Guiding Industrialists by 'Providing the Best Digitalization Solution'!

Doruk, who was the first to undertake R&D studies in the field of digitalization in Turkey, aims to help industrialists manage their production faster, agile, quality and efficiently; as a result, they increase their market share and profitability. Today, Doruk realizes the digital transformation of more than 300 factories around the world and supports companies to double their production amount with the same amount of resources. Doruk Board Member and ProManage Corporation General Manager Aylin Tülay Özden defines her main goals as providing the best solution to businesses, guiding them for their digital transformation journey and preparing them for the future.

Doruk, who has been guiding industrialists in the field of digital transformation for 24 years, aims to establish strategic business partnerships with industrialists by developing advanced technology production management systems. Emphasizing that digitalization in production is the main agenda of businesses of all sizes today, Doruk Board Member and ProManage Corporation General Manager Aylin Tülay Özden said that the way to increase production efficiency and profitability for any business that does not want to stay out of the game and rolls up its sleeves to prepare for the future is to make factories smart.

Being able to manage production operations precisely and instantly with the help of digital tools; Özden stated that it is to identify and eliminate the bottlenecks of the business, monitor, collect data, analyze the data and manage digital transformation by doing all these, and that it provides added value to the industrialists; “We, our industrialists, are always with them, and we are working with all our strength to produce the best solution and guide them for easy and fast digitalization and increase their efficiency. With our customer success management approaches, our contribution to increasing customer satisfaction and digitalization of industrialists continues exponentially with each passing day.”

ProManage Production Management System provides at least 50 percent production increase

Aylin Tülay Özden mentioned the gains to be gained by companies that digitize their production management with ProManage; “Businesses that prefer the ProManage Production Management System, which enables industrialists to digitalize their operational work by first of all managing their production operations with digital tools, can monitor the production of their machines digitally and easily have all the data obtained in a clear and transparent manner. Using IoT, artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies, ProManage easily detects the root causes of losses and ensures the right intervention in the right area. This situation reflects on production, efficiency and profitability, giving it a competitive advantage. As a result, our industrialists achieve an increase in production amount of at least 50 percent.” said.

ProManage brings a common language and instant transparent management to factories

Özden emphasized that digital transformation is not just an information technology project; “It is not possible to talk about a radical change without digitalization turning into a corporate culture. Therefore, in order to turn this into a movement that covers the entire factory, every department from the operator to the engineer, from the software developer to the decision maker needs to be involved and adapt to this process. For this, the desire for change must be triggered. The way to create a source of motivation is through cooperation. It is not difficult to create an innovation culture and turn it into a synergy within the factory, if cooperation between departments is provided. We also offer solutions that can be easily adapted, integrated into the workforce by learning in a practical way, and applied to every layer of the factory, especially with our production management system ProManage product. Factories become digital with ProManage infrastructure; In addition to making instant production organizations, the causes of unnoticed speed drops, stoppages, malfunctions, waiting and quality losses are determined and analyzed, and root causes can be determined. All of these provide industrialists with a very high added value in their production processes” and concluded his speech.

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