Disabled Burak's Dream of Being a Police Has Come True

Disabled Burak's Dream of Being a Police Comes True
Disabled Burak's Dream of Being a Police Comes True

The dream of Ağacan Burak Bel, 27, who lives in the Erciş district of Van, came true. Ağacan Burak Bel, who lives in the Adnan Menderes District of the district, became paralyzed and unable to use most of his body due to a febrile illness he had at a young age. Ağacan Burak, who also has a mental disability, was given a home care pension by the Erciş Social Service Center Directorate and a disability pension by the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation. Burak, who was taken care of by his family and his needs were met, lived with the dream of becoming a policeman, emulating the policemen he saw on TV and outside.

Erciş District Governor and Deputy Mayor Nuri Mehmetbeyoğlu, who made visits to the families of the disabled in the district, learned that Burak wanted to be a police officer during his visit to the Bel family.

District Governor Mehmetbeyoğlu, who instructed Burak to be taken to the District Police Department and put on a police uniform, made Burak's dream of becoming a Policeman come true. Burak, who was taken to the Erciş Police Department with his family, was greeted by the District Police Chief Süleyman Trak. Burak, who was dressed in a police uniform here, was put in the police vehicle and taken for a tour. Burak, who was a police officer for a day, had unforgettable moments with his family.

Burak's mother, Nazlı Bel, who stated that she wanted to be a police officer since childhood, said, "When my son saw the police vehicles, he would look at them with envy. He used to say I want to be a policeman, I want to go too. I told him that one day you will be, and if it weren't for you, you would have siblings.

My son had this feeling today. He was very happy. He thanked the District Governor and his colleagues for making us feel this happiness.

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