Diamond Challenge İzmir, Turkey 2022 Final EGİAD Realized with Partnership

Diamond Challenge İzmir, Turkey 2022 Final EGİAD Realized with Partnership
Diamond Challenge İzmir, Turkey 2022 Final EGİAD Realized with Partnership

The Diamond Challenge program, which offers high school students around the world the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship at first hand, was held in İzmir for the third time in Turkey in partnership with the Aegean Young Businessmen Association.

Within the scope of the program, 26 high school entrepreneurial teams applied, 10 teams that passed the pre-selection on February 28. EGİAD He participated in the Turkey qualifier held at the Association Center. In the final event held under the title of Diamond Challenge İzmir, Turkey 2022 Final Day, the team that came first out of 10 teams; It was Sastainery. The group consisting of students named Elif Sütlü and Diclesu Demir, who participated as Sastainery team from Izmir Turkish College school, will represent Turkey at the Diamond Challenge Summit event in the USA on April 21 - 23 and compete on the global stage for the grand prize pool of $100.000. The jury of the event, in which nearly 50 students participated, EGİAD Its President, Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, EGİAD Entrepreneurship and Innovation Commission Chairman Cem Elmasoğlu, JCI İzmir President Açelya Baç, IZQ Entrepreneurship Center Director Tuğba Kesen Umar.

EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, pointed out that as the Aegean Young Businessmen Association, they have kept the issue of entrepreneurship on the agenda since 2011,EGİAD We, as high school age, university life, seed investment, mature entrepreneur, we stand by and will continue to be with entrepreneurs with all kinds of support mechanisms. We believe that for the real development of society, young people's perspectives and voices are needed. As we always say, the 21st century. When we look at the world of technology, it has been noticed by individuals and institutions that technology is developing rapidly, competition is high and versatile, and the inevitability of innovation. We want our young people to take part in the field of entrepreneurship with innovative solutions and to include entrepreneurship among their career options. We are aware of the increasing importance of our youth, who are the testament of our ancestors and the future of Turkey. We are working hard to lead them to innovation, to create a common share and space where they can freely express their ideas, to increase their learning from each other by bringing them together, to work together, to be a team, and to develop their entrepreneurial muscles and reflexes. We are very happy and proud to organize the Diamond Challenge Program for the third time in İzmir on behalf of our country.” said.

In the "Inspirational Entrepreneur Session" held within the scope of the event, Buğrahan Bayat, Co-Founder of Pulpo AR, an enterprise from Izmir; He shared with the participants the process of becoming an entrepreneur, establishing their startups, the story of the Pulpo AR initiative and his experiences that are a clue to new entrepreneur candidates. Buğrahan Bayat, who conveyed the installation process of PulpoAR, which enables brands to present their products to users with a virtual experience on e-commerce sites with augmented reality technology, said: . Established after nearly a year of development, the venture is currently managed by a team of 2020 people. For example, thanks to PulpoAR's technology, you can try the lipstick you want to buy from a cosmetic company's website in a realistic way, using only your computer's camera, without leaving your home. This experience can also be used in physical stores by integrating into smart mirrors or advertising screens. PulpoAR's Virtual AR product trial plug-in can be easily integrated into companies' platforms. The application can also be used with many platforms used by companies such as web, Instagram, smart mirror and signage display. PulpoAR's virtual trial technology can be offered for all kinds of cosmetic products from foundation to nail polish. In addition to cosmetics products, PulpoAR has also customized its technology for the optical sector, and offers virtual glasses trial technology for this sector as well. Bayat, while conveying his entrepreneurship experience that started from high school to young people, also made various suggestions. He stated that team spirit and financial management are very important.

First Team: Sastainery (İzmir Turkish College)

Elif Sutlu, Diclesu Demir

Project: Sastainery batteries use energy from mucilage, an environmentally hazardous pollution, to achieve their best version with polymeric binders.

Second Team: Tefnut (İzmir Turkish College)

Ali Nail Somuncu, Yalın Öner, Arda Ege Erdoğan, Berkay Özoğlu

Project: Tefnut is an IoT-based smart irrigation system that monitors plant growth by interpreting various soil-related data and takes action when necessary, thanks to its adaptive irrigation system.

Third Team: Trafic Free (Private Ceceli Schools)

Nuray Elif Yildiz, Zeynep Can

Project: Traffic Free aims to prevent loss of life and property with the developed technology that prevents intervention vehicles from losing time in traffic.

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