Crazy Campaign from Citroen! New C4 Offered for Sale in 5 Thousand TL Monthly Installments

Crazy Campaign from Citroen! New C4 Offered for Sale in 5 Thousand TL Monthly Installments

Crazy Campaign from Citroen! New C4 Offered for Sale in 5 Thousand TL Monthly Installments

Citroën C4, which has made an assertive entry into the compact hatchback class since the day it was put on the market in our country and stands out with its remarkable design, makes it easy to have the most comfortable model of its segment with special offers for March. Citroën Turkey offers the opportunity to purchase the C4 model in monthly installments of 5.000 TL.

Citroën Turkey offers the opportunity to purchase the C4 model in 5 TL monthly installments. Within the scope of Citroën's March campaign, for the C4 model, which stands out with its unique comfort, remarkable design and functionality in its segment, a 60-month loan with 12 interest rate for 0 thousand TL or a 100-month loan advantage for 12 thousand TL with a 0,89% interest rate is offered. In addition, cash purchase support of up to 10 thousand TL is offered to customers who do not want to use credit.

Citroën C1.5 model, which is on sale in our country with 130 different engine options: 1.2-liter diesel producing 100 HP power and 130-liter petrol producing 155, 4 and 4 HP power, and 4 different rich equipment options as Feel, Feel Bold, Shine and Shine Bold, is a unique design. , attracts attention with its technological features far beyond its segment and with its high-level comfort. The Citroën C4 model is offered for sale with a promotional price starting from 464 thousand 500 TL throughout March. Citroen Turkey offers unique opportunities to those who want to own a new compact hatchback with its very special campaign for the C4 model in March. Within the scope of the campaign, which includes the opportunity to have the 5 model Citroën C2022 in 4 TL monthly installments, a 60-month maturity and 12-interest loan for 0 thousand TL or a 100-month loan with an interest rate of 12% for 0,89 thousand TL is provided. In addition, C10 is offered for sale with discounts up to 4 thousand TL valid for cash purchases, with prices starting from 464 thousand 500 TL.

In the Citroën showrooms A strong SUV feeling with its characteristic and high ground design

Attracting attention with its unique design, technological features far beyond its segment, and high-level comfort, the C4 stands out as Citroën's 10-generation compact hatchback model. Exhibiting a modern and powerful stance with its high ground clearance, the C4 blends the design elements of the SUV class with the elegant and dynamic character of a hatchback. The C4 is offered together with its high driving position and wide wheel diameter, strong lines, energetic appearance, aerodynamic silhouette and rich customization options in line with SUV standards.

Citroën C4 also distinguishes itself from its competitors with its high quality perception and modern structure in the interior. The modern console design that welcomes the drivers, elegant door panels with softened edges, rich storage areas, soft and flexible materials stand out as a reflection of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® program. The horizontally positioned wide front console gives the passengers a feeling of spaciousness and spaciousness; Clever design solutions such as the console stand, Citroën Smart Tablet Support® and smartphone storage support usability.

Citroën C4 hits the road with the Gradual Hydraulic Assisted Suspension System® offered as standard. The suspension system used in the C5 Aircross SUV models offers a superior comfort level, which the brand defines as the "flying carpet effect", apart from superior driving dynamism. While the C4 offers a total glass area of ​​4.35 m², it guarantees spacious journeys even for the rear seats with its electrically opening panoramic glass roof. The legroom of 198 mm in the rear seats stands out as the best value in its class. The 715-liter luggage compartment with a low and flat loading sill (380 mm) can expand up to 1.25 liters. Citroën C4, which can be preferred with four engine options with high efficiency; 1.5 BlueHDi diesel engine 130 HP, 1.2 PureTech gasoline engine 130 and 155 HP power options are offered for sale with EAT8 fully automatic transmission in all power options. In addition, the 1.2 HP version of the 100-liter PureTech gasoline engine can be purchased with a manual transmission.

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