Başkent Card Distribution Gets Great Interest From Capital Farmers

Başkent Card Distribution Gets Great Interest From Capital Farmers
Başkent Card Distribution Gets Great Interest From Capital Farmers

Domestic producers in Başkent show great interest in Başkent Cards, which have been started to be distributed by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. While the Başkent Card distribution, which has been completed in the districts, continues at the ABB Service Building, 32 farmers have applied to date. Diesel support applications received online by the Rural Services Department have been completed. A total of 886 manufacturers applied for diesel support.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its support that prioritizes rural development and contributes to domestic production in the Capital.

The Rural Services Department aims to deliver the rural supports to be made from now on to the farmers through the “Baskent Card” in order to prevent the producers from being adversely affected by agricultural expenditures and to encourage production. Domestic manufacturers show great interest in the distribution of Başkent Card, which has been completed in the districts but continues at the ABB Service Building.


While a total of 32 farmers have applied for the 'Başkent Card' so far, the domestic producers, who finally went to ABB Science Affairs, ASKİ and the Chamber of Agriculture in Haymana district, received their cards and expressed their thoughts on the Başkent Card application with the following words:

Ayten Ozkok: “We thank you for supporting us with this card. I didn't know about the support in the past years, but this year I started to benefit from all the supports. These supports will be very beneficial for us.”

Mehmet Er: “The fact that supports are provided through Başkent Card has accelerated our work. I took advantage of all the support last year. I got a lot of efficiency from all the products.”

Hasan Candoğan (Haymana Sarıgöl Neighborhood Headman):“On behalf of Haymana and my village, I offer my endless love to Mansur President. Our uncultivated fields started to be planted thanks to Mansur President. We were not going to plant our fields last year, the Metropolitan caught up at the last minute. We planted our fields and started to look at farming with hope.”

Omer Faruk Ozturk: “Since diesel and fertilizer are expensive, this support of the Metropolitan has been a great advantage for us. These supports gave us courage and we went back to farming. Providing support through Başkent Kart will relieve us and make our lives easier.”

Himmet Tosun: “Last year, I bought all the seed supports. They will now also help with Başkent Kart technology. That is the service. Just as social aids are made through the card, they will make the farmers through this card. It has given us a beacon of hope. We started planting our fields.”

Bektas Ozturk: “The past years as farmers were in a difficult situation. Mansur Yavaş caught up with us. As an Ankara citizen, he understands Ankara's problems. The farmer's father was Mansur Yavaş.”

Bahattin Beştepe: “Ankara Metropolitan Municipality gave us wheat aid 5 months ago and now it has started to support diesel fuel. I would like to thank our President Mansur Yavaş for his support to domestic producers.''

Cuneyt Yilmaz: “Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş has supported us in every way for 3 years. I couldn't buy diesel for my tractor, now I can buy diesel thanks to Başkent Kart.''

Figen Okmen: “Diesels are very expensive. Thanks to Başkent Kart, we can now buy diesel. If there was no diesel support, I was thinking of taking out a loan.”

Hatice Cevik: “Ankara Metropolitan Municipality supports us in every way. I first benefited from the fertilizer support, and today I came to get my Başkent Card to benefit from the diesel support. I would like to thank everyone who contributed."

Zehra Calis: “I am very pleased with the diesel support initiated in this difficult time. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is helping us as much as it can.”

Omer Kilincar: “Farmers have been adversely affected by the recent drought and price increases. The support given by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality to domestic producers is very important. Without these supports, we were thinking of planting less.”

Ramadan Count: “We bought fertilizer with the support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and now we will buy diesel. Without these supports, our situation would have been very bad.”

Halil Ibrahim Ozcan: "I took advantage of the lentil and wheat service, and today I came to get my Başkent Card to benefit from the diesel support."

Gurhan Tahinman: “I am very pleased with the capital card support offered by our municipality. It will be very useful for all farmers. Giving agricultural support to people is a good thing. This is the expectation of our farmers. I wish the continuation of these projects.”

Ahmet Ayyilmaz: “I cultivate on a small acre. These supports are promising for sowing a big place.”

Necati Keskin: “Taking advantage of this blessing has been beneficial for us. We will see our work easier now. Rural supports comfort us. There was a famine last year, we suffered a lot, so these supports have been very good for us.”

Hikmet Atalay: “We are happy to benefit from these supports. Farmers are losing money every day. The support of the municipality made us comfortable. Receiving the supports via the card will also make it easier for us.”

Bilal Aydin: “As farmers, we can't buy diesel or fertilizer. This support to farmers is a good service. It will contribute to my budget economically. These supports provided to the farmer are valuable to us.”

Ismet Fuat Kilic: “I plant 250 acres a year. I take advantage of the support provided as much as I can. We will try to support the country's economy as much as we can. Without these supports, I would not have planted my field. I convey my respects to Mansur President for his support.”


The online applications for the "Diesel support" initiated by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for domestic producers in the Capital City, which started on January 12, 2022, have ended.

A total of 20 farmers applied for the diesel support received online through the address “” in order to reduce the input costs of domestic producers in the capital city and ensure that they do not cut off from production.

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