Countdown Started in Bursa High Speed ​​​​Train Project

Countdown Started in Bursa High Speed ​​​​Train Project

Countdown Started in Bursa High Speed ​​​​Train Project

A new era is being entered in the construction of high-speed trains in Bursa, the construction of which turns into a snake story. The General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments of the Ministry of Transport stated that the countdown for the project has begun.

The subject, the writer of Olay Newspaper Ahmet Emin Yılmaz carried to today's corner.

Yılmaz used the following statements in his article:

“In 2012… on a cold winter day Passage'th Start 'on a return Bursa-Yenişehir-Osmaneli High Speed ​​​​Train Project At the groundbreaking ceremony held for TCDDwas. Besides, Railways'It was one of the first projects undertaken by


Business and transportation experience TCDD when investment fails highways Transfers were made from the top management.

In that process O

Name of the project first Bursa-Yenişehir-Osmaneli High Standard Railway changed to and freight train when added high speed gone, fast train came. in the project Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments'what has passed


AYGM 'something about our train announcement there is something that we were inevitably excited about.


assertively “The countdown continues for the Bursa High Speed ​​​​Train project. 35 months left until the opening” it's called. we too Countdown to 35 months We started it.”

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