Beauty and Care Fair Breaks Its Own Record

Beauty and Care Fair Breaks Its Own Record
Beauty and Care Fair Breaks Its Own Record

Bringing the beauty industry together for the 34th time, the Beauty and Care Fair was held between 17-20 March at the Lütfi Kırdar Rumeli Hall. With the trendy beauty applications and presentations at the fair, visitors had pleasant moments with the applications this year as well. Visitors had the opportunity to try many applications such as face yoga, make-up applications and non-surgical rejuvenation. Visitors from all over Turkey flocked to the fair.

The Beauty and Care Fair organized by TG Expo Fair brought the beauty industry together for the 34th time. The four-day fair; Foreign professional buyers from 30 countries, mainly Germany, France, England, Australia, USA, Russia, Latin America and African countries, participated. Hosting 26.774 professional visitors, more than 200 exhibitors and more than 600 brands, the fair broke its own record in terms of exhibitors and visitors.

Medical treatments, not cosmetic, should be applied to the hair.

Specialist Dermatologist Marzieh Javapour, who made a presentation under the title of Hair Loss Causes and Treatment Methods, said, “Hair is a very important accessory for us. Therefore, the hair should look healthy and well-groomed. This appearance also seriously affects our self-confidence. However, importance should be given to the hair not only in terms of cosmetics but also in terms of health. In addition to factors such as nutritional disorders and stress in daily life, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, use of wrong cosmetic products adversely affect hair health and cause hair loss. At this point, we generally prefer medical treatments rather than cosmetic treatments in hair treatments.”

Collagen is popular in rejuvenation

Making statements about the correct use of collagen within the scope of the Anti Aging Academy section, Opr. Dr. Bora Özel said, “People are now turning to easy and fast rejuvenation formulas without going to the doctor. In this sense, the use of collagen has been very popular, especially in the last 2 years. In addition, collagen is found not only in the skin, but in all organs. However, in addition to the aging process, factors such as sun, blue light, smoking and stress reduce the collagen in the body. For this reason, we recommend starting collagen supplementation after the age of 30. With this supplement, the lost moisture and shine of the skin are restored. kazanIt also affects the wrinkles while it is being stretched,” he said.

Skin care should be supported from the inside with face yoga.

In the All in Wellness section, with the theme of “Naturally Beautiful with Face Yoga”, Yoga Instructor Zeynep Şensoy said, “Our face consists of muscle, bone and fat. We need to follow them with nutrition and movement. One of these pursuits is face yoga. "Facial yoga actually covers not only the face but also the entire upper body." At this point, he also stated that it is not enough to support the skin only with serums and creams, the face needs movement, so we need to exercise our facial muscles. In the continuation of his presentation, colorful moments were experienced with the face yoga movements he practiced with the visitors.

Local and national non-surgical rejuvenation formula

What is Collagen Thread? Cosmetologist Hakan Karanfil, who made a statement and application with his presentation on the theme, “Collagen thread takes its place as the most popular application in non-surgical rejuvenation methods. Wrinkles and cracks occur due to lack of collagen in the skin. In this sense, the wrinkle removal application made with a collagen-reinforced thread offers the formula to look young quickly within 15 minutes. With the procedure, the lost shine of the skin is restored. kazanThe application, which settles under the skin while it is being stretched, provides permanence for up to 6 months, depending on the depth of the wrinkle.

Makeup is a job done with confidence

Make-up Professor Corci, who presented a visual show at the fair with applied Spring and Summer Bride Make-up applications, said, “We evaluate colors on people. Makeup art is a job done with confidence. And the application according to the facial features is as important as the content of the make-up. E.g; Using oil-based materials compresses the skin, so more water-based materials should be preferred. In addition, the protection and monitoring of skin health is a very important element for make-up. Especially in the spring, some changes occur in the skin, so going to skin analysts should not be neglected. While she continued her presentation with bridal make-up designs, colorful images emerged.

Latest technologies in weight loss attract attention

Pınar Korkmaz, who attracted attention with the device that creates the effect of 30 shuttles in 20 minutes at the fair, said, “This system has been quite remarkable for those who cannot find time for sports or who want to get in shape in a short time. It offers a technology that is far ahead of the classical shuttle methods with its effect in a short time in posture problems. Painless and painless shaping, new generation technologies continue to be life-saving”.

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