Güzelyalı Implementation Development Plan Approved! Victims Lifted

Güzelyalı Implementation Development Plan Approved! Victims Lifted
Güzelyalı Implementation Development Plan Approved! Victims Lifted

After the Güzelyalı Development Plans, which became a chronic problem in the Mudanya district of Bursa and were canceled by court decisions as a result of objections, passed the Metropolitan Assembly in a way that the grievances would be eliminated, the faces began to smile in Güzelyalı. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who came together with the citizens living in Güzelyalı, said that he believed wholeheartedly that after the one-month suspension period, the victimization in the middle would be completely removed.

The Güzelyalı Implementation Development Plan, which has been eagerly awaited by the Mudanians for 3 years and caused grievances due to its cancellation by court decisions, was discussed at the last parliamentary meeting. The district decision of the Mudanya Municipality Council, which will cause the grievances of approximately 1500 homeowners regarding the Güzelyalı plans, was arranged by the Metropolitan Municipality in a way that would eliminate the grievances and passed.

Victims lifted

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş met with the residents of the region, who have been experiencing serious problems for years due to plan cancellations in Mudanya. Stating that as the Metropolitan Municipality, they have made a great effort to remove the victimization in the middle, Mayor Aktaş said, “1/1000 scaled implementation development plan was passed by the district municipality in January, but the victims were still victims. The plans came to us. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we made the necessary changes by eliminating these grievances, writing the reasons and taking the opinions of the relevant institutions, and they were approved by the Metropolitan Municipality Council. Now it will be suspended for a month in Mudanya Municipality. I sincerely believe that the necessary understanding will be shown by our district municipality as well. Our intention is not to beat the vineyard, but to eat grapes. If 3 people and 5 people say 'God bless you', it is enough for us. We are ready to make the necessary sacrifice no matter what. The district municipality will also do what is necessary in this regard. Even if he doesn't, we will fulfill all our legal responsibilities to the end," he said.

We do what it takes on the beaches

President Aktaş also shared the developments related to the beaches with the residents of the region. Reminding that, upon the request of the Republican People's Party, they transferred the authority of the Gemlik and Mudanya coasts to the district municipalities for 2020 years in March 2, Mayor Aktaş said, “Karacabey and Iznik Municipalities did not want to take over the authorities by saying 'we cannot afford it'. We said no and we carried out the procedures there. I mean, a lot of people called me from Eşkel and the west side of Mudanya and asked, 'For God's sake, why don't you get your hands on these beaches when they are in ruins?' We got it now. Have no doubt, we will collect them all within a few months as soon as possible, and we will do what is necessary. Something similar happened in Gemlik. It was very nice with sand, but what happened to Kurşunlu? Why isn't there any work in Kurşunlu? So, let's not deal with hamasi speeches. We have no intention of hindering anyone's work or work. The law already gives it to the Metropolitan. We only gave it because it was asked for. Hopefully we'll have it all figured out now," he said.

The residents of Güzelyalı, who have been suffering for years due to the problems arising from the zoning plans, thanked Mayor Aktaş for his contributions to the process.

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