7th Women's Counseling Unit Opened at AŞTİ in Başkent

7th Women's Counseling Unit Opened at AŞTİ in Başkent

7th Women's Counseling Unit Opened at AŞTİ in Başkent

The 7th branch of the "Women's Counseling Unit", serving under the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Women and Family Services Department, was opened at the Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal (AŞTİ) during the week of "March 8, International Women's Day".

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to facilitate the lives of women living in the Capital with 'women-friendly' practices.

Inauguration of the Women's Counseling Unit, which will serve at AŞTİ in order to provide support to women on many issues without discriminating between domestic and foreign; Head of Women and Family Services Department Serkan Yorgancılar, BUGSAS Chairman of the Board Mustafa Koç, BELPA Chairman Ferhan Özkara, Metropolitan Council Member Lale Bektaş, BUGSAS General Manager Metin Alkaya and many citizens attended.


Speaking at the opening, Head of Women and Family Services Department Serkan Yorgancılar gave the following information:

“As the Metropolitan Municipality, we attach great importance to the work of women and families. We are obliged to serve not only the women of the capital city but also every woman who reaches us. For this reason, the presence of the 7th Women's Counseling Unit at AŞTİ is critical. We are here to reach women who somehow find their way to the transfer center, to guide them correctly and to provide any necessary support.”

Speaking at the opening of the Women's Counseling Unit at AŞTİ, BUGSAS General Manager Metin Alkaya said:

“We have opened the AŞTİ branch of the Women's Counseling Unit. We are happy to be a part of such an organization together with our relevant department. We are happy to open a unit where women can apply at our bus station, which is one of the entrance gates of Ankara.”


AŞTİ Women's Advisory Unit at the opening, which was colored by the performances of the FOMGET Folk Dance teams; It will provide women with free support on many issues, from psychological support to combating violence, from legal counseling to shelter support, in line with their needs.

Women who find it difficult to reach the Women's Counseling Center in the Youth Park, where it is possible to meet face-to-face, or who live in distant districts, are served through units established in Keçiören, Kahramankazan, Kızılcahamam, Çubuk, Ayaş, Hasanoğlan and most recently AŞTİ.

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