We Will Become Europe's Production Base in Aluminum

We Will Become Europe's Production Base in Aluminum

We Will Become Europe's Production Base in Aluminum

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that the Turkish aluminum industry is the second largest supplier of Europe and said, “In 2021, the industry achieved an export of 5.1 billion dollars. We want to be Europe's production base in aluminum.” said.

Minister Varank, in his speech at the opening of the ALUEXPO 7th International Aluminum Technologies, Machinery and Products Specialization Fair and the 10th International Aluminum Symposium held in Istanbul, stated that despite the epidemic conditions, 29 companies from 348 different countries participated in the fair this year, and that it is the largest in Eurasia in its field. stated that Europe's second largest fair was held.


Reminding that the economy grew by 2021 percent in the last quarter of 9,1 and 11 percent throughout the year, Varank said, “We have become the country with the highest growth rate among the G-20, OECD and EU countries. What is pleasing here is that our industry is supporting this growth. The growth in our industrial product was 16,6%. There is also a significant increase in employment. Last year, the number of people employed increased by 3,2 million compared to the previous year.” he said.


Noting that the unemployment rate decreased to 11,3 percent, Varank said, “Our exports, 95 percent of which consist of industrial products, break new records every month. We exported 17,5 billion dollars in January and 20 billion dollars in February. We seem to have caught $12 billion in the last 231 months. With inflation reined in, our country will resolutely advance towards its goal of becoming the top 10 economies in the world. The welfare of our citizens will also rise rapidly again.” used the phrases.


Noting that the Turkish aluminum industry is the second largest supplier in Europe, Varank said, “In 2021, the industry achieved an export of 5,1 billion dollars. Of course, we should strongly emphasize the 70 percent increase in exports compared to the previous year. We anticipate that we will be able to improve our position in the world, especially with the momentum we have gained recently.” said.


Expressing that aluminum is now widely used in every field with the increasing need for light materials, Varank emphasized that the potential in Turkey should be used well in this context. Noting that the aluminum industry is a sector that benefits greatly from the support given, Varank stated that they have done 29 projects with development agencies so far, and that they have supported 20 projects in the aluminum industry with TUBITAK for 391 million liras in the last 241 years.


On the other hand, Varank stated that green transformation constitutes one of the most important agenda items in the aluminum industry and that they have started the harmonization plans of the industry within this framework, and that the prominent point in these studies is production from scrap.


Stating that this issue is now at the forefront of the projections that the world is talking about, Varank said, “Our country is already very competent in these secondary production capabilities with lower emissions. We want to become Europe's production base in the aluminum industry by further developing this aspect. For this, we are starting a project to determine the product inventories of our manufacturers operating in the sector and to identify our companies that can meet their technological and structural transformations with domestic resources. It's time to take a step for primary aluminum and hot rolled products. These investments are essential to meet both our own demand and international needs, and to strengthen our position in the sector.” he said.


Minister Varank stated that there are problems in the world regarding access to bauxite mines, which is the most important raw material of aluminum production, and said, “New field research continues in our country, which has 63 million tons of bauxite reserves. We want to bring these reserves to our country. Transforming these reserves into products with high added value will be of great benefit to our country. As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we are always at your side with our incentives and support to make these investments.” used the phrases.


Saying, “If you meet the conditions, you can benefit from all opportunities from regional incentives to project-based supports,” Varank said, “We are in a state of mobilization with all our institutions in terms of research, development and innovation. Our door is always open to you. From here, I am making an open call to the entire sector, let's take advantage of these opportunities together and move our country to the points it deserves. Because with its strategic location and capabilities, Turkey has the capacity to come to the fore in every sector today.” he said.

Minister Varank visited the companies participating in the fair after the opening ceremony by cutting the ribbon.

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