Educational Attack for Young People with Autism from ABB

Educational Attack for Young People with Autism from ABB

Educational Attack for Young People with Autism from ABB

Continuing its activities with the goal of "Accessible Capital", Ankara Metropolitan Municipality also implements practices that facilitate the lives of individuals with autism living in Ankara. In the Kuscagiz Family Life Center Disabled Club, many free trainings are provided, from sports to jewelry design, from chess to marbling, in order to enable young people with autism to participate in social life.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues the projects it has implemented with the goal of "Accessible Capital" without interruption. Aiming to raise awareness against autism and bring these individuals into society and social life, the Metropolitan Municipality provides free education to 10 young people with autism, who are members of Kuşcagiz Family Life Center Disabled People's Club, in many fields from sports to art.

Thanks to the trainings, the self-confidence and manual skills of young people with autism develop

Kuscagiz Family Life Center Coordinator Selma Koc Unal stated that they have been training in different branches from sports to rhythm, jewelry design, painting, wood painting and marbling art courses at the local, and they have come a long way with these trainings, and gave the following information: “We have been serving our children with autism for a long time. We want to enable our young people here to adapt to social life, develop their hand skills and prove that they can do something too. In this sense, our families benefit from many activities such as marbling art, jewelry design, painting, sports and chess free of charge. Our aim with the activity we organized today is to make our voices heard to more families and to make our children happy. Our families are happy to be together here. Because they can all understand each other, they all have the same troubles. We hold meetings with our families at regular intervals, and we get their opinions and suggestions. This is how we direct our training.”

Families are satisfied with the training provided

Families who participated with their children in the training activities carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality Women's and Family Services Department at the Kuşcagiz AYM drew attention to the progress of their children thanks to these trainings with the following words:

Aaron Oguz: “Whatever we do for our children with special needs is not enough. What is done here is a cure for our problems. This is an invaluable boon for our children to socialize, exist in life, socialize, raise awareness and create a hobby space. Our child's coming here relieves our burden a lot. We, the parents, get together with other parents and get involved in the activities of our children. Our integration into these trainings both reduces our burden and enables our children to socialize.”

Mehmet Yananer: “My son is 18 years old with autism. Our process from the very beginning to the present has been very difficult and troublesome. Thanks to this center and other educational institutions, we were able to reach a certain level. His hands became more functional due to activities such as sports, handicrafts, marbling work, beading and jewelry work. Thanks to swimming, his whole body became more alive and more functional. Therefore, the first solution to autism is education, the second is sports, and the third is manual skills. My son's hand was not holding, now he can string beads and sew with a needle and thread. Sports and crafts brought my child to a certain level, it's like a miracle.”

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