ABB Introduces the Capital's 5 Whites at the Tourism Fair

ABB Introduces the Capital at the Tourism Fair
ABB Introduces the Capital at the Tourism Fair

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, with its many units, was held at the ATO Congresium. Participated in the “International Tourism and Travel Fair”. At TravelEXPO, ABB aims to introduce the Angora rabbit, Angora goat, Angora pigeon, Angora cat and Ankara bee, which are among the important symbols of Ankara and have endemic species, the “5 Whites of the Capital”, to the world. The people of the capital show great interest in the fair, which will be open until 5 March and where the works belonging to the “Beypazarı City History Museum” are also exhibited.

The “5. International Tourism and Travel Fair” opened its doors to visitors.

The cultural and health tourism potential of neighboring and surrounding countries, especially Ankara, will be introduced at TravelEXPO Fair, which has started to welcome visitors with the participation of approximately 15 countries, as it is every year.


While the citizens showed great interest in the stands opened by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality units at the fair, various treats from Beypazarı dry to Ankara bagels are offered to the visitors.

Ankara Governor Vasip Şahin, ATO President Gürsel Baran, AKK Executive Board Chairman Halil İbrahim Yılmaz and Ankara Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Ali Ayvazoğlu also visited the stand of the Department of Health Affairs, where the 5 Whites of the Capital were introduced. Artifacts belonging to the Beypazarı City History Museum began to be exhibited at the stand of the Metropolitan Municipality.

Stating that they took action to protect the endangered animals, which are among the important symbols of the Capital, and for this purpose, they aim to introduce the Angora rabbit, Angora goat, Angora pigeon, Angora bee and Ankara cat, known as the '5 Whites of the Capital', to the world at the fair. Head of Department Seyfettin Aslan shared the following information:

“We, as the Metropolitan Municipality, participated in the EXPO Ankara Fair, which was held for the 5th time this year, and we aim to introduce the 5 whites of our Ankara to Ankara, Turkey and the world. We take care of Angora goat, Angora cat, Angora pigeon, Angora rabbit and Angora bee again. We aim to introduce them to the whole world.”


ABB Department of Culture and Social Affairs also informs visitors from other cities and the world, as well as the residents of the Capital, about the city's many potentials, from its cultural heritage to thermal tourism, with its stand.

Emphasizing that Ankara's Capital of Culture and Art discourse will be filled even more by raising awareness in terms of tourism, Head of Culture and Social Affairs Department Ali Bozkurt made the following evaluations:

“It is also meaningful that this fair is organized these days, after the severe epidemic conditions in our country started to ease for two years. Tourism is an important topic in Ankara as well as in our country. Our goals include filling the rhetoric of the Capital of Culture and Art by creating awareness in terms of tourism. We are introducing an important value here, which we call the 5 whites unique to Ankara and that Ankara offers great opportunities for thermal tourism.”

In the fair, which will be open until March 6, where private professionals and sector representatives from abroad will come together and hold bilateral meetings, summits will be held on cultural tourism, thermal-health tourism, camping and caravan tourism.

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