You Are Now Unbearable Sled Contest in Erciyes Has Been The Stage With Colorful Images

Erciyes A.Ş.'s 'Now You Are Unbearable' Contest Was The Stage With Colorful Images
Erciyes A.Ş.'s 'Now You Are Unbearable' Contest Was The Stage With Colorful Images

Erciyes A.Ş., a member of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. The 8th of the peer-to-peer sled competition named 'You Are Unbearable Now', which has become a tradition and is the scene of colorful images, was held in Erciyes Ski Center.

In the competition, which was held for the 8th time this year and attracted great interest, the couples competed against each other, had a pleasant time besides breathing the mountain air, and the winners were awarded various prizes. kazanwas.


The competition called You Are Unbearable Anymore, held at Erciyes Ski Center Hacılar Kapı, where 25 couples from not only Kayseri but also from different provinces competed fiercely, was held with the colorful narration of the presenter Zafer Kara. Remzi Durak and Rabia Yalçın couple, number 33, won the first place in the peer-to-peer sled competition. kazanWhile İbrahim Karaman and Fatma Karaman, number 23, placed second, İbrahim Narin and Belinay Dilek, number 24, took the third place. In addition to medals, various awards such as food, beverage, health services, accommodation and shopping vouchers were presented to the winners by the sponsor companies.


Erciyes Inc. In his statement about the event, Deputy General Manager Zafer Akşehirlioğlu stated that the interest and satisfaction of the peer-to-peer sledge competition, called You Are Now Unbearable, which was held for the 8th time this year, increased and that they were organizing all-round events.

Expressing that the activities will continue throughout March in Erciyes, Akşehiroğlu said:

“We are having another enjoyable weekend at our Erciyes Ski Center. We have held the 4th peer-to-peer sled competition in our Erciyes, where four seasons and four seasons events take place at 4 different gates, at Hacılar Kapı, with the slogan 'you are now unbearable'. Befitting the humor of its name, it is an enjoyable and fun activity that the spouses have difficulty in attracting each other. Every year, participation is increasing, people's demands and satisfaction are increasing. We will continue to organize this every year, hopefully. Just as international events and races are held in Erciyes Ski Center, we will also include more traditional, local and regional entertainments of this kind. Our activities in Erciyes will continue throughout March.”

After the competition and award ceremony, the program ended with a souvenir photo shoot to commemorate the day.

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